Why Are Basketballs Orange? 4 In-Depth Explainations

“Why are basketballs orange?” “This may be a question for people who are new to basketball.

It might not seem important that a basketball is orange. Why should the colour of the ball matter? How much would it matter if they were green or purple?

And actually, the colour of basketballs wasn’t picked at random; it has a clear reason for being that way.

Even though I don’t think a basketball’s colour is the most interesting thing about it, I can see why some people wonder why it’s exactly orange. Well, you can finally find out why the ball is the colour it is by reading on.

So What Is The Reason They Are Orange?

The reason basketballs are orange is so that people can see them.

Tony Hinkle came up with the orange colour scheme for the basketball. Before the late 1950s, most basketballs were brown. At the time, Hinkle was the basketball coach at Butler University, and he thought brown was a bad colour because it was hard to see.

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Why Are Basketballs Orange

Hinkle decided that the new colour of the basketball should be orange.

It’s hard to tell why another colour, like green, red, or blue, wasn’t chosen. Hinkle thought orange was the best colour, so that’s what we have.

Anyway, Hinkle worked with the Spalding Company in 1957 to come up with the new design for the basketball. In the 1958 NCAA Finals, which were held in Louisville, Kentucky, the orange ball was used for the first time.

The NCAA liked how easy it was to see the orange basketball, so they used that design.

Spalding was also the first business in the world to make basketballs that could be used in official games. Since 1983, the company has also made the official game ball for the NBA.

Why Are Basketballs Orange

Are Basketballs Orange Or Brown?

If you’ve seen a lot of basketballs in your life, you may have noticed that some of them aren’t really orange. Some basketballs look browner than others.

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Why are some basketballs orange while others are brown?After all, are basketballs orange or brown?

Well, that’s not clear. It looks like neither the NBA nor the NCAA have any rules that say a basketball has to be a certain color. The only thing the 2019–2020 NBA rulebook says is that the ball must be NBA-approved and have a pressure between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 pounds.

In practice, most basketballs are orange, but some have a brownish colour to them.

Is Orange The Only Basketball Color?

Now that we know why basketballs are orange, another question comes to mind: are they only made in orange?

Well, no. Basketballs can be white, red, or green, among other colors. The NBA doesn’t use these basketballs, so we don’t see them very often.

From 1967 to 1976, the American Basketball Association (ABA) used a red, white, and blue basketball. But after the ABA joined the NBA in 1976, the unique colour was no longer used. Instead, the familiar orange was used.

Some people like the colours of the ABA basketball better, but to be fair, I like the one-color basketball better. When a basketball is spinning in the air, having more than one colour can be very distracting. The orange balls are easy on the eyes because they are all the same colour.

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Even though some people may want it, the NBA isn’t going to change the colour of the basketball anytime soon. And they are right, because I think a basketball with a lot of different colours would confuse players.

Why Are Basketballs Orange

But when you play games in the park, you can use any colour basketball you want. But I think most people would agree that basketballs with a lot of colours are hard to watch.

The 4th Quarter

So, here’s the answer to what seems to be a common question among people who are just starting out with basketball.

So, even though the colour of the ball might not seem important, there is a reason for it: to make it easier to see. So, the next time you go shopping for a basketball, look for one that is orange. It might help you play better.

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