What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100? 3 Facts About It

If you play golf more or less seriously, you probably want to know how your skills compare to those of your peers.

A lot of amateur golfers seem to be interested in how many golfers break 100. Most people think that a golf score between 90 and 100 is average, so I’m not surprised at all that people are interested in this number.

Even though this question is pretty simple, it is hard to find answers to it. Even so, I’ll do my best to give you accurate numbers below!

So What Is The Percentage Of Golfers Who Break 100?

We will look at two sources to try to find out what percentage of golfers break 100:

  • A study by MyGolfSpy.
  • USGA handicaps.

Let’s look at them right away, shall we?

MyGolfSpy Study

First up is a report from MyGolfSpy from 2014. This report was based on information from TheGrint’s website and app, which were used by 15,000 golfers.

It’s important to note that the sample was made up of only golfers who:

  • Are you a member of a golf club that follows USGA (United States Golf Association) rules?
  • Have at least five scores on TheGrint

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

What’s the point of these two things? We could assume that those 15,000 golfers are better players because they have played more. Taking this into account, I think it’s safe to say that this data doesn’t apply well to all golfers. In fact, it will show higher numbers.

MyGolfSpy gives an interesting fact that backs up my idea: the group of golfers with 11–15 handicaps has the most golfers who keep track of their scores. Only a small number of players with handicaps over 20 keep track of their scores, on the other hand.

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It turns out that an amazing 86% of golfers score less than 100. Besides that:

  • 14% of golfers don’t make it under 100.
  • Most of the time, 49% of golfers break 90.
  • 10% of golfers often shoot under 80.

Here, remember what I said earlier: this information seems to be for more experienced golfers. This means that the real percentage for all golfers, including amateurs, is probably a lot, lot lower.

How much more is there to go? I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a clear answer. We probably will never know how many golfers actually break 100 unless we have access to more complete data sets.

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

But GolfBlogger also has some older data from 2010 that says only 55% of adult golfers break 100. Here are the score percentages that GolfBlogger brings to the table:

GolfBlogger got these numbers from the NGF (National Golf Foundation), so they are probably the scores of smarter golfers again.

So, what is the difference between NGF and TheGrint?Well, there might be more than one reason:

  • In the four years between the two reports, golfers may have gotten better. Between 2010 and 2014, both men and women got better at golf (though it did increase in the following years).
  • There could be differences in how the data was handled before the calculations.
  • MyGolfSpy got rid of scores with strange handicap differences, and I’m not sure if NGF did the same thing.
  • Maybe the golfers the NGF looked at didn’t have as much skill.
  • Golfers who put their scores into TheGrint may not have followed the rules and scoring procedures exactly, making their performance look better.

I hope you can see how hard it is to figure out the real number of golfers who break 100. In fact, I’d say it’s impossible unless we have access to data sets that include both USGA-registered golfers and amateurs.

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Having said that, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people do break 100.

If you are somewhat serious about golf, you shouldn’t have to work too hard to get to 100.

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

What About USGA Handicap Data?

We could also figure out how many golfers break 100 by using USGA handicaps. But there are some problems with handicaps when it comes to scores:

  • Again, the USGA handicaps are most likely a measure of how good a golfer is.
  • Handicaps are based on golf scores, but they are changed depending on how hard the course is. This means that we can’t just use handicaps to figure out golf scores.

Let’s look at this chart from a 2016 study by MyGolfSpy to show the second point.

This chart shows very clearly that you can’t just turn handicaps into scores. For example, golfers with a handicap of 6–10 aren’t usually 6–10 strokes over par. If you only looked at the handicap, you might have thought that the average score was lower than it really is.

As a result, the difference between par and the average score becomes smaller as the handicap decreases.This probably just shows that golfers who are better at the game are more consistent on the course.

Based on the chart above, we can assume that anyone with a handicap of 21 to 25 will score below 100 on average. If we look at the USGA handicap chart, we can see that 21–25 means:

  • 84.26% to 90.77% of the men who play golf
  • 27.11–37.85% of women who golf

The numbers for men are very similar to what we saw in the 2014 MyGolfSpy report. Because MyGolfSpy appears to have averaged data for men and women, we can’t directly compare MyGolfSpy handicaps to USGA handicaps for women.

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

Also, keep in mind that handicaps for men and women golfers are calculated slightly differently because each golf course has different ratings for men and women based on the course and slope.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you look at the “Scores by Handicap Bracket” chart from earlier, you’ll see that the average score for all handicaps is 90.8. But keep in mind that this data only includes golfers who belong to golf clubs that follow USGA rules.

So, I’d say that a good score for a beginner golfer is 90 to 100. And it goes without saying that going lower is better.

For a beginner, a score of over 100 is good. If you’ve been playing for months and still can’t break 100 or 110, there may be something wrong with your form.

  • This is determined by a number of factors, including: – The best 10 changes from your previous 20 scores.
  • The grade for the course
  • The slope rating of the course
  • You can use an online handicap calculator to figure out the numbers. Figuring out a handicap isn’t easy, so you shouldn’t do it by hand.

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

The 18th Hole

So how many golfers get a score of 100?

Well, from what we’ve seen, anywhere between 55% and 86%. There is a wide range of numbers, but this seems to be the best we have.

As I’ve said a few times in this post, these numbers are for golfers who are more skilled. In reality, far more people probably stay above 100 than break 100.

Does any of this matter? Well:

  • If you’re just playing for fun, it might not matter.
  • If you are a competitive amateur, it’s not a bad thing to get better at the game.
  • If you are playing for money, you should obviously try to get as low a score as possible.

But I don’t think amateur golfers should worry too much about how they play.

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