10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – 30+ Shoes Tested

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

In a few words, it’s crazy, fast-paced, and tiring. This is called Indoor Football. If you don’t know much about soccer, you might think the game moves more slowly on smaller fields with fewer players on each side. It’s a huge misunderstanding, which is sad. Indoor soccer is very hard on your body. It’s all … Read more

Best Soccer Shin Guards: 7 Types You Need To Know

Best Soccer Shin Guards

Welcome to our guide to shin guards, shin pads, shin protectors, or whatever you want to call them! Every soccer player knows that shin guards are a required piece of gear for every competitive game. As a side note, Santiago Munez’s idea in the movie Goal to use cardboard as shin guards isn’t exactly what … Read more

Top 10 Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

In the 1940s, American servicemen were afraid of getting hurt, so they came up with the idea of playing football with a flag instead of a ball. Since then, it has grown to the point where it is now played professionally and could possibly be in the Olympics in a few years. Modern flag football … Read more

14 Individual Soccer Drills – Updated

Individual Soccer Drills

It takes a lot of time on the field to get good at every part of the game, from your first touch to your free kicks. Even great soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have spent hours practicing with a ball at their feet. With soccer becoming more popular in the US and … Read more

10 Best Soccer Rebounder Nets 2022 – Updated

Best Soccer Rebounder

In soccer, your first touch is very important. Any player can be taken out of the game with just one wrong touch. But if you can handle the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo, you can make defenders’ lives hard. Though it’s not always easy to learn how to control yourself. I think you should get a … Read more