How to Do Leg Curls at Home? 5 Ultimate Fitness Guides

How to Do Leg Curls at Home

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” as the saying goes. And if there’s one thing that’s helped us reach our fitness goals, it’s a challenge. Let’s be honest: the quarantine has been hard. Since the gyms have been closed for months, your muscles are probably getting weak again. Today, I’ll show you … Read more

11v11 Soccer Formations – 8 In-Depth Guides

11v11 Soccer Formations

In 1880, Wrexham FC was the first team to use a soccer formation that was known to work. They played in a 2-3-5 shape. Yes, they did play five attackers up front. I know, right? Wrexham would play a formation called the “pyramid,” which had two defenders, three midfielders, and five attackers. The funny thing … Read more