Nike Phantom Vision Review – 8 In-Depth Reviews

I got to try out three different models of the Nike Phantom Vision cleats because I was curious to see if all the talk about them was true.

In this article, I’ll talk about these shoes from my own point of view. As a Division III offensive midfielder, I’ve worn each pair for a little more than a month.

These Nike Phantom Vision cleats have taken over soccer fields since they came out in July 2018. Nike is the most well-known brand of sports equipment.

If you’re thinking about getting new soccer shoes and want ones that work well, you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the best soccer players in the world, like Kevin De Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez, and Philippe Coutinho, chose these shoes right after the 2018 World Cup.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the Nike Phantom Vision Academy, which are the basic cleats.

Nike Phantom Vision Academy Review

  • Sports shoes.
  • Nikeskin upper
  • Ghost Lace Lacing System

Product Overview

If you want a good pair of soccer cleats all around, you don’t need to look any further. This place has everything you need: comfort, flexibility, and strength.

But this model’s ball touch could be better, which is something that can be changed.

The new lacing system does its job perfectly. It is quick, easy, and perfect. The Dynamic Fit sock feels good, but it doesn’t look as good as the Flynit socks on the other models.

Nike Phantom Vision Review

Overall, these Nike Phantom Vision Academy shoes surprised me in a good way. In all honesty, I don’t think there are many other options for that price that will give you such a high-quality boot.

I really think you should try these if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality.


  • Inside of the shoe is padded and very comfortable
  • Ghost Lace Technology
  • Great durability and sturdiness of materials
  • Awesome value
  • Runs true to size


  • Ball control could be improved even if it’s still decen

Nike Phantom Vision Academy In-Depth Features Review

Ball Control

The touch is not perfect; it could be made better. The outside looks pretty simple, and the ball won’t stick to your feet as well as it would with a better pair of soccer shoes. This “problem” became even more clear during practice on a rainy day, when I had trouble driving the ball as I usually do.

Still, I want to thank whoever came up with the Ghost Lace technology. Not only is it new and effective, but it also makes a huge difference in how well you do.

Because the lacing system is almost perfect, the surface that touches the ball is just perfect. This will make you more consistent when you shoot, cross, and pass, and you’ll make fewer mistakes.

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My teammates even thought I was wearing shoes that didn’t have laces.


As soon as I put these on, I knew they were going to be comfortable. I haven’t felt such a good mix of lightness and comfort in a pair of soccer cleats in a long time.

Nike Phantom Vision Review

When compared to its direct competitors in the same price range, there is no doubt that these are the most comfortable shoes available.

Even more surprising to me is that these shoes only weigh a little less than 8 ounces (225 grams). The cushioned inside of the shoe gives the foot a lot of support and makes the shoe feel great.


Even though the shoes have been worn for a dozen practice sessions, they look brand new. There are only light scratches on the studs, which is normal.

But I’m interested to see how the Dynamic Fit top sock will hold up over time.

Even though I only wore these for a short time, my experience tells me that they should easily last you a whole season, if not more.


Style and looks are always a matter of personal taste, and my opinion is just based on what I think is stylish. So, take this section with a grain of salt, and feel free to disagree with me.

The design of this shoe isn’t my favourite, and I don’t think the materials used to make it give it the best look. The Ghost lace technology can clean up the look of a pair of cleats that are otherwise pretty plain.


There’s no other way to do this. This pair is the best deal you can get for less than $100. The number of features, details, and technologies that these shoes have is simply way above what we usually see on the market.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Review

  • Model Number: AO3266410
  • Gender: mens
  • Color: Racer Blue / Chrome-White
  • Made In: Vietnam
  • Brand New With Original Box

Product Overview

This pair of Nike Phantom Vision soccer shoes, now called “Pro,” is in the middle of the price range. It has a few differences from the Elite model.

For example, the upper is not made of Flynit but rather Nike Skin, which is a synthetic fabric with a textured surface that is supposed to make the shoe last longer and make it easier to control the ball.

The amazing Ghost Lace and the Dynamic Fit collar that wraps around the ankles and holds them perfectly in place are still there.


  • Ball touch feels natural and flawless
  • Light and comfortable
  • Technologically packed with innovative features
  • High performance at an affordable price


  • Can be a pain to put on but are true to siz

Nike Phantom Vision Review

Nike Phantom Vision Pro In-Depth Features Review

Ball Control

The Pro version caught my attention where the Academy version didn’t. The mesh-based Nike Skin does a great job because it has both a padded touch for maximum protection and a touch that makes it feel like your feet aren’t even there.

When it comes to the basics, like dribbling and shooting, these shoes are great. Because the Ghost Laces have a smooth surface, your hits will be nothing less than spectacular.

It’s important to note that the forefoot and sides don’t have the tiny bumps that the Elite version does. The texture is still good, and it helps you hit the ball hard and send it where you want.

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These shoes, like the Academy ones, are very comfortable and give your foot a lot of room to move. Size-wise, there’s no problem either, since they fit true to size.

Don’t worry about breaking these in; they’re ready to go right out of the box. Also, it doesn’t take much time to get used to them. I was completely used to them after just one practice session.

The only problem is putting them on without making the upper too tight. Just be careful, because you can’t loosen it like you can with other shoes. Just get ready ahead of time and take the extra two minutes to put them on properly.

Tech Specs

This boot is in the middle of the price range. It has a lot of high-tech features but is still very affordable. Because of that, it is pretty unique on its own.

I’ve talked a lot about the Ghost Laces, which I love because they make your boots smooth and snug on your feet. I have tried soccer cleats without laces, but I never really liked them because I couldn’t tie them down.

The structure of these boots comes from the padded mesh inside and on the upper lace cover.

The upper is made of the cool NikeSkin mesh, which makes soccer almost too easy.

The soleplate is pretty aggressive and has great grip. As a player who likes to switch directions quickly and throw their opponent off, I really liked this.

Overall, the difference between the Pro and Elite boots is not in their design but in the material they are made of.

Nike Phantom Vision Elite Review

  • Quad-Fit mesh sleeve conforms to your foot.
  • Dynamic Fit collar wraps your ankle to link your…
  • Ghost Lace system tightens with one pull and stays…
  • Flyknit construction with molded micro-texture for…
  • Plate provides traction on firm-ground pitches.

Product Overview

Midfielders like me who run around a lot during the game will love how comfortable the Hyperprecision insole is in these Nike Phantom Vision Elite shoes. The multidirectional cleats are a real treat for the most skilled players and give them the best grip on the field.

The Ghost Lace feature on all three models really impressed me, and I don’t think I’ll ever use another lacing system again after trying these.

Nike Phantom Vision Review

When making these Nike Phantom Vision Elite cleats, the well-known brand made sure to use only the best materials, and it really shows.

They still look brand new after about 20 uses (both practice and games) and could easily last a season or two.

If, like me, you like your soccer cleats to be tight and give you a barefoot feeling, these Nike Phantom Vision Elite cleats will blow your mind.


  • Quadfit technology for better control and precision
  • Ghost lace for the win!
  • Prime materials and durability
  • Amazing traction
  • Perfect fitting, they run true to size


  • The Nike Phantom Vision Elite are not fit for rainy conditions

Nike Phantom Vision Pro In-Depth Features Review

Ball Control

The control and feel of these Nike Phantom Vision Elite are just amazing. The Quadfit technology, which is only in this pair, gives you a bigger area to control and touch the ball.

Nike hit the mark there. They definitely hit the mark, and there’s no doubt that this feature works. It felt like my passes and crosses got more accurate overnight.

Last but not least, I really liked that the insole doesn’t move even a little bit. My feet felt supported, and my balance was really better than average.

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The outsole is also one of the best things about these Nike Phantom Vision Elite shoes. The cleats were placed in a way that would give the player the best grip on the pitch and allow him to move quickly and change directions.

I really like how the cleats on the front of the outsole can be used in different ways. It really helped me cut and turn quickly as I ran away from my opponents.


What about feeling good? We’ve talked a lot about it with the other models, but is this one any different?

No way, and dare I say that it’s even better? Yes, I dare!

The Nike Phantom Vision Elite shoe has Quadfit technology, which wraps your foot in a way that gives it great support and protection. The padding and mesh on the inside of the shoe make it comfortable.

I was also surprised by how light this pair of soccer shoes is.I always think about this when I buy new soccer shoes, since I usually run almost ten miles per game. These Nike Phantom Vision Elite feel like slippers that were made for scoring goals.

Nike Phantom Vision Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Wears Nike Phantom Vision Elite?

Plenty of soccer big names currently wear these shoes.

  • Edinson Cavani
  • Harry Kane
  • Alex Morgan
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Mauro Icardi
  • Malcolm
  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Willian
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Thiago Alcantara
  • James Milne

Nike Phantom Vision Review

What Is Ghost Lacing?

Nike’s Ghost Lacing technology is a new addition to their soccer shoes.It basically hides the laces and uses a “single pull” system to make sure that your shoe is tight all the way around.

Are Nike Phantoms Good For Wide Feet?

The Nike Phantom Vision fits all types of feet perfectly and is what I would call a soccer cleat for wide feet.

What Is The Difference Between Pro And Elite Boots?

Like I said earlier in this article, the materials used in the Elite version are of much higher quality. The top-of-the-line model also has Quadfit technology.

Do Nike Phantom Vision Have Laces?

Yes, they do, but the Ghost Lacing System hides them.

How Do I Clean My Nike Phantom Vision

To keep your soccer shoes in good shape for a longer time, you need to take care of them and keep them in good shape.

I can tell you that you shouldn’t put them in the washing machine and that you should always brush off any dirt that might be stuck to the bottom of the shoe.

Use a soft brush and a mild cleaning solution to clean the rest of the shoe. Rub, rub, scrub.

Nike Phantom Vision Review

Nike Phantom Vision – Final Words

When deciding between the Academy, Pro, and Elite versions, there are two main things to consider.

What level of soccer do you play right now? Do you like it there, or would you rather play in a better league or on a better team?

Do you think that an extra gear could help you reach your goals? Are you not happy with the cleats you have now?

Also, how much money do you have? Can you buy a pair of soccer cleats for around $200? If that’s the case, the Elites are worth it. I liked them so much that I now wear them every time I play soccer. If not, both the Pro and Academy versions do a great job.

Have you had the chance to try one of these? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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