10 Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth – Updated

As a baseball coach, I love it when kids hit the ball hard enough to send it over the fence.

I have coached a lot of young players over the course of my career, and nothing makes me happier than helping them reach their full potential.

As a professional coach, I like wood bats best when it comes to baseball bats.

Young players might find composite, aluminium, and alloy bats easy to use and light, but wood bats are the way of the future, and the sooner they get used to them, the better.

Your kids can become good players in the future if they train well and learn the right techniques, but they also need the right gear.

Here are the top ten best wood baseball bats for kids to help you find the right one for your kids.

Marucci CU26 Youth Model – Best For Easy Handling

  • Youth Model
  • Approximately 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Handcrafted from top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • 30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty

One of the best companies that makes baseball bats is the Marucci Bat Company. It follows the same tradition and uses the same exact method as the first bat companies.

Marucci says that each bat it makes is cut, measured, balanced, polished, and coated by hand.

The Marucci CU26 Youth Baseball Wood Bat is also made through these complicated steps. It is a great choice for young players who are just starting out with wood bats.

Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

The CU26 youth model is made by hand from high-quality maple wood and has a great feel for kids. With a length-to-weight ratio of about 5 to 8, this wood bat is a good weight for kids and easy for them to handle.

The bat has a balanced swing weight, and it was made using the bone-rubbing method, which closes the wood’s pores, makes it harder, and makes it last longer.

The barrel is 2 1/4 inches in diameter, which makes it a great wood bat for both power and contact hitters.

Even the end is pro-cupped, which helps spread the weight more evenly and makes it easier for the players to swing the bat.

Overall, this bat is a professional model made for young players. It’s also great for training and can help younger players get used to using wood bats.


  • Good length to weight ratio
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Pro Cupped end
  • Excellent for both contact and power hitters
  • Great for training youth


  • Could feel a little heavy

Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat – Best For Fast Swing

  • Large barrel size (classified as anything over 2.5…
  • Adirondack ash
  • 31 by 32 inch
  • Laser engraved knob

Rawlings Sporting Goods has been making baseball gloves, bats, balls, protective gear, batting helmets, and a lot more since it was founded in 1887. It is one of the best baseball brands, and its quality and durability are well known.

Its baseball bat for young players, the Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat, is one of the best wood bats for young players because it is made to swing quickly and evenly.

The Velo is made of ash, which is the strongest wood available and tends to bend more than other types of wood, giving you a larger and more forgiving sweet spot.

The bat has an advanced Vulcan polymer bat grip that makes it easy to transfer power and lessens the pain when you hit the ball. It also has a -7.5 drop, which makes it very light and easier to swing without taking away any power.

I liked how well-balanced the bat’s weight is, and when I tested how well it worked, I saw that a lot of young players hit the ball farther than usual.

The bat swings well and is easy to control, and the Vulcan grip makes it more comfortable, lessens the pain, and improves the overall performance.


  • Vulcan polymer grip reduces the sting
  • Offers fast swing and good control
  • Very lightweight
  • A medium-sized barrel makes it easy to hit
  • Made from Ash offering great flex


  • May feel too thi

Easton Mako Ash Youth Baseball Bat – Best For Balanced Hitting

  • Youth Pattern – Patterned after traditional 271…
  • Wood – North American Maple
  • Feel – Balanced
  • Knob/Handle – Thin
  • Approximate weight drop range of -7 to -10

Easton is without a doubt the best baseball gear maker in the world, and its products are known for their high quality and durability.

I’ve used a lot of Easton bats, and I’ve always been happy with how well they work. The Mako Ash Bat from Easton is also one of their best wood bats and probably the most well-balanced bat on this list for young players.

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Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

The Mako is a lightweight bat made from North American ash. It bends slightly, which makes it easier to hit the ball farther. With its pro-balanced speed design, it makes it easy for young players to switch from aluminium or composite bats to wood bats.

It has a 7/8-inch handle, a leather label on the knob, and a laser-engraved barrel with cupped ends that make it look solid and feel strong.

The length-to-weight ratio of this wood bat is between -7 and -10, which makes it a great choice for younger players.

Because it is well-balanced and made of light materials, young players can swing it quickly and feel like they are hitting like pros. I’d suggest this bat to young players who want to switch to wooden bats.


  • Well-balanced bat
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • -7 to -10 length to weight ratio
  • Laser engraved barrel with a cupped end


  • An external grip may be required

Louisville Slugger Youth Legacy Maple Wood Bat – Best For Price Quality

  • Wood: Youth Poplar
  • Turning Model: Y243
  • Target Drop: -10 (+/- 2oz)
  • Regular Finish
  • Cupped; Color: Dark Gray

The Louisville Slugger is a very popular baseball bat. It is now owned by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company.

It has been making high-quality wood bats for decades, and with its Youth Legacy bat, it has made it easier for the next generation of players to get into the big leagues.

The Youth Legacy is made from high-quality maple wood and is made for younger players, as the name suggests. It is a great way to get young players used to the feel of a wood bat while training.

The length-to-weight ratio of the bat is between 8 and 10. It has a balanced weight and is the right length. It has a normal finish, but a gold hardline tape gives it a professional look.

The Youth Legacy also has a cupped end, which improves the club’s overall balance, exit speed, and swing speed.

It did well in our tests for young people as well, and it was also very durable. This is a great choice for parents who want to buy a wood bat for their child at a reasonable price.


  • Made of top-quality maple wood
  • Specifically designed for youth players
  • -8 to -10 length to weight ratio
  • Has a complete pro look
  • Cupped end


  • An external grip may be needed

Marucci AP5 Maple Wood Bat – Best For Overall Playing

  • Knob: Tapered
  • Handle: Traditional
  • Barrel: Large
  • Feel: End-loaded

The design of Marucci Albert Pujol’s Maple Wood Bat is based on the one that Albert Pujol used on the field. With a length-to-weight ratio of -5, this bat is very light and is probably the best option for a youth wood bat on this whole list.

It has a traditional handle, which makes it easier to use, and the barrel has a larger sweet spot that gives a great pop.

The AP5 has a natural handle and a black finish on the barrel, which makes it look very professional. It is made of high-quality maple wood, and like most Marucci wood bats, it has been rubbed with bone to close the wood’s pores and make it harder.

It has a balanced swing weight and a pro-cupped end that make the bat’s weight distribution better as a whole.

Even though the barrel is only 2 1/4 inches long, it looks and feels like a big one. Most of the major youth baseball organizations require this high-performance wood bat to be used.

Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

The pro version of this bat is my favourite, but the youth version is just as good. It is well made, has a cool design, and kids really like it.


  • Large barrel
  • End loaded feel
  • Tapered Knob
  • Bone rubbed to make the wood harder
  • Comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty


  • Might feel a little heav

Easton Mako Maple Wood Youth – Best For Lightweight Build

  • Youth Pattern – Patterned after traditional 271…
  • Wood – North American Maple
  • Feel – Balanced
  • Knob/Handle – Thin
  • Approximate weight drop range of -7 to -10

One of the best wood bats for kids is the Easton Mako Maple Youth Wood Bat. It is made with everything a young baseball player needs to get used to wood and get the right feel for it.

The best thing about the bat is that it is very light and has a pro-balanced speed design, which makes it easy for younger players to use and get used to.

The Mako Maple is made by hand in the United States from rock-hard maple. This gives the bat a very fast exit speed and makes it very durable. The well-balanced speed design makes it easy for young players to switch to wood bats.

The 7/8″ handle comes with a leather knob label, giving it a really professional look. The barrel is laser-engraved, and the end of the bat is cupped to spread the weight evenly.

The Mako Maple is a great bat. It has a weight drop of about -7 to -10, which is a good range. This is a great way to teach young kids how to hit, and I have seen them hit long and hard.

Every time a song hits, there’s a great pop, and kids love how good it feels. If you agree that this is a good wooden bat for kids, you’re not wrong.


  • Highly durable bat
  • Laser engraved barrel
  • Leather know label
  • Pro-balanced speed design
  • Very lightweight


  • The barrel may feel thin to some players

Rawlings Adirondack Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat – Best For Power Hitting

  • Wooden bat made of Adirondack ash
  • Ash bats offer faster swing speeds
  • Medium barrel with cupped end for enhanced balance
  • Signature-style end brand for easy player…
  • Y242 profile with a 1-inch handle
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The Adirondack youth wood bat from Rawlings is one of the newest bats in its line of youth bats. It is made from Adirondack Ashwood, which makes it one of the strongest wood bats for kids. It’s a great bat, and all young players who are making the switch to a heavier bat should get this one.

Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

This wood bat has a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches and a handle diameter of 1 inch. With a weight drop of about -5 to -7, this bat performs well and makes it easier for power hitters to hit the ball over the fence.

It has a balanced swing weight and a traditional knob with a little bit of a curve. The cupped end gives the bat a better overall balance, makes it last longer, and works better.

This Rawlings bat has a traditional graphite colour that looks great and a signature style end that makes it easy to make it your own.

Overall, the bat has a thick handle that is great for power hitters and those who want to move from playing travel ball to high school games. This is a great choice if you want a strong, heavy wood bat for kids.


  • Strong heavy bat
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with traditional graphite color-way
  • Has a thick handle
  • A traditional knob that is slightly fared


  • Might feel too heavy for some kids

Louisville Slugger Youth Prime Maple Wood Baseball Bat – Best For Durability

The Louisville Slugger Youth Prime Maple Wood Bat is one of the lightest and most well-balanced bats made for young players.

This bat is a great option for contact hitters and younger players who want to switch to wood bats. This bat is made of maple wood, which is very dense and hard, making it a strong and long-lasting choice.

The Youth Prime comes in five sizes and has a target drop of -8 (plus or minus 2 ounces).

Louisville Slugger also adds seamless decals and its own ExoArmor finish to all of its Youth Prime wood bats, making them look classy and giving them a firm feel when you swing them.

In addition to all of that, it has a traditional knob and a cupped end that improve the speed, exit speed, and balance of the swing as a whole.

I would suggest this bat to kids between the ages of 7 and 10. This bat really hits when it’s in the zone, and it’s easy for kids to swing and control because it’s not too heavy.

As a coach, I highly recommend this wood bat for kids because it is easy to use and gives great swing control.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to handle and swing
  • Perfect for kids of 7 to 10 years of age
  • Good performance


  • May need an external gri

Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat – Best For Long Hitting

  • Our Youth Axe Handle Bats are engineered for the…
  • Axe Handle is engineered for the biomechanics and…
  • Smaller 2 1/4″ barrel allows for lighter weights…
  • Extended barrel for maximum sweet spot; Steel…
  • Standard Axe knob for optimum control and bat…

Tucci is one of the youngest companies in the world that makes baseball bats. Hundreds of professional baseball players and clients around the world trust Tucci.

Peter Tucci started it after an injury ended his professional career and as a way to stay close to the game and help it.

The Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood Youth Bat is made of the best wood and is one of the best wood bats for kids on this list.

Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

The Tucci Traditional Maple Youth Wood Bat has a traditional knob and a two-and-a-half-inch barrel that is small and light so that younger players can control their swing.

The barrel is longer to make the sweet spot bigger, and the bat is steel-burnished to give it the most compression and make it work better.

The Traditional Maple comes in two lengths, 29′′ and 30′′, and performs at a high level. This bat is one of the best youth wood bats I’ve seen in my career, and I’ve been recommending it to all the parents whose kids need a bat that’s light, durable, and good at hitting.


  • Delivers top-notch performance
  • Lightweight bat for a better swing
  • Extended barrel for a maximum sweet spot
  • Steel burnished to improve compression and performance


  • Some players may find the barrel too small

Marucci JB19 Pro-Youth Maple Wood Baseball Bat – Best For Versatile Hitting

  • 2019 Model: MYVE2JB19-WT/WW-31
  • Consistency And Craftsmanship
  • Commitment To Quality And Understanding Of…
  • Color: Walnut/Whitewash
  • Based in Baton Rouge

Marucci has been making good-performing wood bats for kids for a long time. Like the CU26 and the AP5YB, the JB19 from Marucci is a youth wood bat that performs well and can be used in a variety of ways. Young players can play the way they want to with this bat. If they want to go up top or spray the liners in the gaps, they can decide on the spot without having to worry about the type of bat.

The JB19’s long barrel and medium handle give it a balanced feel. Like most Marucci wood bats, it is made by hand from the best maple wood and is rubbed with bone to make the wood stronger and give it the most density.

It has a traditional knob that spreads the weight evenly and is even certified by Big League-grade ink dots. It’s a great choice for young hitters who are just getting started and trying to figure out what kind of hitting works best for them.

You can be sure that the JB19 youth wood bat is a good buy. You even get a 30-day warranty from the company, which is something that not all brands do.

This bat is great for young players who want to learn how to hit instead of just trying to hit the fence. The bat is strong, works well, and is a great choice for teaching young children how to play with wood bats.

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  • Offers versatile hitting
  • Long barrel with a medium handle
  • Comes with a traditional knob
  • Bone rubbed for improved wood density


  • An external grip is needed to reduce the sting

The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Nee

Lightweight (Bat Speed)

One of the most important things about a youth wood bat is how much it weighs. Young players don’t want to work hard; they just want to play and have fun.

Best Baseball Wood Bats for Youth

Heavy wood bats can make them feel like they are working, which can make them lose interest in the game. Instead, they should choose a light bat that is easier to swing, gives them more bat speed, and is easy to handle.

Because of this, aluminium and composite bats are very popular with kids because they are very light and easier to swing. But it might be hard to find a wood bat that is both very light and very strong at the same time. Even so, many wood bats are very light and last a long time.

I think the Easton Mako Ash and Maple wood bats and the Marucci AP5YB are some of the lightest wood bats you could find. These wood bats are well-made and strong enough to be both light and good at what they do at the same time.

Swing (Barrel Size And Weight Distribution)

The two main things that affect how a bat swings are the size of the barrel and how the weight is distributed overall.

If the barrel is too large or too small, the swing may not be even.On the other hand, the result is the same if the bat’s weight is not spread out evenly. If the barrel is too big, the bat might feel heavy, and if it’s too small, it might be hard to hit the ball.

In this case, younger kids should use a bat with a good barrel size and even weight distribution. So, if you want a good bat that can swing well, the Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Wood bat is your best choice.

It is made so that the swing is faster and more accurate, making it easy for young players to hit the target.

Bat Sting

When choosing a youth bat, one of the most important things to look for is how much the bat shakes when it hits the ball.

Usually, an external grip can be used to reduce the bat’s sting, but that makes the handle bigger, which changes the game. Also, if the bat has a strong sting, it could even hurt you.

So watch out for how bad the sting is when you touch it. If the bat doesn’t hurt too much, an external grip may take care of it, but if the string is very high, you might want to look for a different youth wood bat.

In this case, the best bat for young players is the Rawlings Velo Ash, which has a Vulcan polymer grip that makes it much easier to hold.

The Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood Bat is also a good choice because it is steel-burnished to increase compression and improve performance.

Balance (Weight Distribution)

The overall balance of the bat can have a big effect on how it swings and how well it works. How well the weight is spread out has the most effect on how well the bat is balanced.

But the shape and size of the barrel compared to the size and shape of the handle are also important. A well-balanced bat can help improve performance, lessen pain, and keep the swing under control.

The Easton Mako Ash Youth Baseball Bat is the most even-keeled bat on this whole list. It has a balanced weight distribution, a 7/8-inch handle, and a cupped end.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced wood bat that will help your kid do well overall, this is the one to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Youth Wood Bat?

The best wood baseball bat for kids is the Marucci AP5 Maple Wood Bat. It has everything a young player needs in a bat. It is well-balanced, has the right length-to-weight ratio, works well, and lasts a long time.

What Is A Better Wood Bat, Maple, Or Ash?

Both types of wood have their good points. Maple is heavier and denser than ash, but it’s not too heavy to swing.

On the other hand, ash is the lightest wood, but it is still hard and durable enough to be used as a baseball bat. So, bats made of maple wood are stronger, while bats made of ash wood are faster.

What Wood Bat Is The Hardest To Break?

The hardest to break are bats made of maple wood. Maple is a heavy, dense wood that is very hard to break.

Why Do Pro-Baseball Players Use Only Wood Bats?

The primary reason for using wood bats is to protect the infield defence players.The metal bats have a very fast exit speed, and when pro players use them, it makes the infielders more likely to get hurt. Also, pros don’t need metal bats to help them hit the ball over the fence.

Last Inning

All MLB players use wood bats, so if you want your kid to play in this league, it’s best to get them used to using one as soon as possible. There are a lot of good wooden bats for kids. Just make sure the size and shape are right for the sport your child plays.

Every wood bat on this list has been tried and tested by us. How many of these have you tried? If so, please tell us what you think in the section below. Also, let us know if there are any great wood bats for kids that we didn’t mention so that we can try them out.

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