10 Best Youth Hockey Skates – In-Depth Overview

The most important things that junior hockey players will buy are hockey skates and helmets.

But how do you choose which pair to buy?

You want skates that are safe and comfortable, but you also want them to fit your skill level and the way you skate. There are so many options that it can be hard to decide.

Some parents and young players spend hours comparing the different skates on the market.

We’ve saved you that time, which is good news. We’ve looked at a lot of different pairs of hockey boots for kids, so you don’t have to.

This guide will look at our picks for the top 10 youth hockey skates for skaters of all styles and levels, as well as give you some tips on what to look for when buying skates.

You Can’t Go Wrong By Choosing Skates From The Two Major Brands

We’d recommend that kids get skates from Bauer or CCM, which are the two most popular brands on the market.

There are other brands, and you should choose one that fits your needs and budget. But you know that when you buy skates from Bauer and CCM, you’re getting quality, comfort, and protection, as well as skates that will help young players do the best they can.

Best Youth Hockey Skates

Since 1927, Bauer has been making high-quality skates. About 70% of NHL players are thought to wear Bauer skates. CCM has been making skates since 1937, and they also make a lot of other hockey gear. Just under 20% of NHL players wear CCM skates.

Bauer Youth Ice Skates

The Supreme and the Vapor are the two types of skates in the Bauer Youth Skate line.

Their Supreme skates are made for speed and power, and the way they fit helps them skate with more speed.

Vapor skates are designed for speed and side-to-side movement.Most of the time, they have a shallower heel pocket and help you skate low.

Bauer Supreme 3S – Ideal For Players Who Appreciate Power And Comfort

The Bauer Supreme 3S skates are great for a young player who is good at the game and wants more comfort while they play.

The 3S boot, like all Supreme skates, has a “power cut,” which means it’s great for skaters who want more foot stability and a stronger stride.

The boot is made of 3D Lasted Flex Composite, a lightweight material.When combined with a Pro TPU outsole, it gives the lower part of the skate more stiffness, making it easier to walk and faster in a straight line.

The forward flex and comfort of the Supreme 3S skates are great, and Bauer’s Flex Motion technology gives players a wider range of motion.

The injected metatarsal guard and felt tongue help protect the foot.

The skate has LightSpeed Pro 2 holders and an LS+ stainless steel blade that is taller.

The Supreme 3S can also be heated and shaped, which makes it easy to break them in and makes sure they fit perfectly.

Quarter Package: Fiber Composite

Tongue: 30 oz felt


Runner: Stainless Steel

Thermoformable?: Yes

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro – An Elite Skate Designed For Pure Power

The popular 3S skate has been improved with the Supreme 3S Pro. They are top-of-the-line skates made for young players who want a skate that is made for power.

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This boot’s power cut is made to give your foot the most support and make you walk more efficiently. It also made the lower part of the blade a better place for moving energy.

This skate has a lot of the things that people liked about the original 3S, but it also has some extra benefits.

Bauer’s Performance Fit system is used in the 3S Pro, which makes it good for players with low, medium, or high foot profiles. The 3S Pro also has a material called 3D Lasted Curv, which can be shaped by heat in any way.

Quarter package: 3D Lasted Curv Composite

Tongue: 52 oz Pro felt

Holder: TUUK Lightspeed Edge

Runner: TUUK LS Pulse Edge Runner

Thermoformable?: Yes

Best Youth Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S – For Youth Players Competing At A Top Level

The Bauer Supreme 2S is the best ice skate for young players who want to play at a high level.

It has all the top-of-the-line features that a young player could want from a professional-grade item. It gives a stride that is lightning fast and works very well.

The Bauer 2S boot is made of a fibre composite material that is both light and strong. The 2S youth boot can be fully thermoformed, so young skaters can get a fit that is just right for them.

The metatarsal guard on this boot adds extra protection against falls and lace bites.

Bauer uses lightweight memory foam ankle pads inside the 2S to lock in the skater’s heel and cut down on power loss when striding a lot.

Quarter package: 3D Lasted Curv Composite

Tongue: 52 oz Pro felt

Holder: TUUK Lightspeed Edge

Runner: TUUK LS 5

Thermoformable?: Yes

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro – A Premium Skate For Serious Youth Players

The Supreme M5 Pro has a lot of high-end features and is a great choice for a regular skater who wants to get the most out of their power and speed.

It’s a skate that works well and is very comfortable and durable.

Active Motion Performance (AMP), which makes the upper skate bend more forward, is built into the Digi-Comp composite boot.

The moisture-wicking properties of the microfiber liner inside the skate make it more comfortable, and the better grip helps keep the foot in place.

The Supreme M5 Pro comes with an LS1 holder and a Lightspeed PRO II holder.

When you stride, the holder transfers your energy very well, and the LS1 runner is known for its long edge life and durability.

Best Youth Hockey Skates

Quarter package: Digi Comp

Tongue: Reflex Classic Pro Felt

Holder: LS Pro 2

Runner: LS 1

Thermoformable?: Yes

Bauer Vapor 3x – A Perfect Entry-Level Skate For Players That Appreciate Agility

The Vapor 3X is a good choice for young players who like to be flexible and quick. These skates are affordable, have some great features, and are comfortable.

Digi-Comp composite is used to make the boot, and Bauer’s MotionFlex technology is built into it. This gives players the stability they need while still letting them move their ankles and be flexible.

Inside the skates is Bauer’s Comfort Edge, which gives a good grip and moves moisture away from the skin.

The tongue of the skate is made to be flexible, and it has a mesh metatarsal guard to protect the foot.

The Lightspeed PRO II holder is at the bottom of the skate. It is a great way to transfer energy when striding. The Vapor 3x has runner wheels made of TUUK stainless steel, which is very durable.

Quarter package: Digi Comp

Tongue: 30oz Felt Tongue with metatarsal protection

Holder: LS Pro 2

Runner: Stainless Steel

Thermoformable?: Yes

Bauer Vapor 3x Pro – Excellent Agility For Developing Players

They are just as flexible and comfortable as the standard 3X, but they also have a premium 40-oz felt tongue for extra protection and a Form Fit+ footbed to make them even more comfortable.

The Vapor 3X Pro also comes with LS1 runners, which are a step up from the TUUK stainless steel runners that come with the 3X. The LS1 runner is known for how long its edges last and how well it holds up.

Quarter package: Digi Comp

Tongue: 40oz Felt Tongue with metatarsal protection

Holder: LS Pro 2

Runner: LS 1

Thermoformable?: Yes

Bauer Vapor 2x – High-End Technology For Players Who Appreciate Maneuverability

The Vapor 2X has specs that are similar to those of the 3X Pro. There isn’t much difference between the two, and their list prices are about the same.

The Vapor 2X is made to help young skaters get better, and it has a lot of high-tech features to do so.

The skate has a 3-D-molded composite fibre quarter that gives it a good balance of stiffness and flexibility.

Comfort Edge padding is also in the 2X to give the skater extra support and comfort. Memory foam pads are also added to the ankles for comfort.

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The Vapor 2x can be heated and shaped to fit your needs.

Inside the boot is also a Lock-Fit liner, which makes it easy for the foot to stay in place.

The Vapor 2x comes with LS1 runners that are known for their durability and a Lightspeed PRO II holder that transfers energy well when you stride.

Quarter package: 3-D lasted fiber composite.

Tongue: 30oz Felt Tongue with metatarsal protection

Holder: LS Pro 2

Runner: LS 1

Thermoformable?: Yes

Best Youth Hockey Skates

CCM Youth Ice Skates

The two CCM lines that have models in our Top 10 are CCM Jetspeed and CCM Super Tacks.

Jetspeed skates usually have a medium or narrow fit and have a “tapered” shape. They are usually light and great for young players who want quickness and power.

Super Tacks fit better on players with wider forefeet because they are more “anatomically” shaped. They are more of a “do-it-all” skate and are perfect for players who want a balance between quickness and responsiveness.

CCM Super Tacks 9350 – A Tremendous All-Around Skate At An Affordable Price Point

The Super Tacks 9350 are great hockey skates for beginners.

They are made for young people who are just starting to play hockey and want a reliable pair of skates at a price they can afford.

The 9350s are just like other Super Tacks, which are great “all-around” skates.

The 3D-injected boot and brushed microfiber lining of these skates make them both comfortable and durable.

The centre of the 5mm tongue is injected with foam for extra protection and to help stop lace bites.

The Super Tacks are different from most skates because the runners are already sharpened when you get them.

Quarter package: 3-D injected

Tongue: 5mm tongue with additional foam

Holder / Runner: CCM Speedblade

CCM Super Tacks 9380 – An Affordable Skate For Developing Players

As the model number suggests, the Super Tacks 9380 is a little better than the 9350, but the price is still reasonable.

These skates are great for young hockey players who want to get better and learn more.

They have the same 3D-injected boot as the 9350, but the tongue has more protection. The tongue on the 9380 skates is 7 mm thick, and there are layers of reinforcement down the middle.

The blades on the Super Tacks 9380 are also sharpened and ready to use right out of the box.

Quarter package: 3-D injected

Tongue: 7mm tongue with additional foam

Holder / Runner: CCM Speedblade

CCM Jetspeed FT 485 – An Advanced One-Piece Skate For Power And Acceleration

This advanced one-piece boot is made to give you a lot of power and speed.

Since it is one piece, there is no outsole, stitching, or glue in areas where a lot of energy is transferred. This means that you can take faster steps.

For more comfort and safety, the boot has a 7-mm felt tongue with lace bite protection.

CCM’s TotalDri liner is on the inside of the skate. This material naturally pulls moisture away from your feet, which helps keep them dry and comfortable. The padding around the ankle helps keep the foot in place and gives it support.

The JetSpeed FT 485 has CCM XS1 stainless steel runners and a holder for Speedblades.

Quarter package: 3-D injected

Tongue: 7mm tongue with additional foam

Holder: CCM Speedblade

Runner: CCM XS1

Best Youth Hockey Skates

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Youth Skates

When you buy youth skates, there are a lot of things to think about.

It is important to get skates that fit your style of play and your budget.

When you buy skates online, there is a lot of jargon in the product descriptions that might be hard to understand if you have never bought skates before.

In this buying guide, we’ll look at some common terms, the different types of skates for different types of play, and why it’s important to get the right fit.

Skate Terminology

You might not know what a quarter package is. Or why is the tongue so important? This list of terms has everything you need.

The Quarter Package

This is the main part of a skate boot. It gives you support and keeps you safe. Different kinds of materials can be used to make quarter packages, but many modern boots are made of carbon composite.

The Tongue

The tongue helps keep your foot stable inside the skate. If your foot is stable, you can move faster on the ice.

As you play, the tongue can also help keep your feet from getting hurt. Some boots, like the CCM Super Tacks, have extra padding on the tongue to make them safer.

The Tendon Guard

The Tendon Guard is important because it helps prevent injury to the Achilles tendon. It’s at the back of the skate boot and protects the tendon from hard hits.

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The Footbed

Most pairs of ice hockey skates have footbeds that can be taken out and put back in. The footbed keeps your foot in place while you play and gives your foot the support and cushioning it needs.

Most footbeds also help keep feet dry and comfortable while skaters are on the ice by wicking away moisture.

The Holder

This is the part of the skate that holds the blade in place on the boot.

The Runner

The blade of a pair of skates is called the “runner.” It is usually made of sharpened steel.

Choose The Right Skate For Your Style Of Play

As you can see from our list of the Top 10, the big brands have different lines for different types of skating.

Some lines are made for speed and power, like the Bauer Supreme and the CCM Jetspeed.

Other lines, like the Bauer Vapor CCM Super Tacks, are made to be quick and easy to move around in.

Player Skates And Goalie Skates

All of the skates on our list of the 10 best youth skates are for players, not goalies. The blades on goalie skates tend to be longer and thicker, and the toe, ankle, and heel often have more protection.

Sharpening Skates

Most skates don’t work right out of the box; you have to sharpen them before you use them on the ice (exceptions to this are the CCM Super Tacks 9350 and 9380).

If you know what you’re doing, you can sharpen your skates at home with the right tools. But for many beginners, it’s best to have a pro sharpen their skates to keep the blades from wearing down and to make sure the skates are safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should Skates Be?

When buying hockey skates for kids, parents shouldn’t be tempted to buy skates that are too big, thinking that their child will “grow into” them.

In some sports, this might be fine, but in hockey, it means the skates are too loose and don’t provide enough support, which can lead to an injury.

Best Youth Hockey Skates

To make sure your hockey skates fit snugly and securely, you should buy them 1–12 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size.

Is It Worth Buying High-End Skates?

This depends on how well the youth players skate and how competitive the game is.

For people just starting out in the sport, there’s not much reason to buy high-end gear. The CCM Super Tacks 9350 is a good skate that won’t break the bank.

For young players who are at the top of their game, the extra features and benefits of higher-end skates may help them do better on the ice.

What Is A Good Fit?

To give you the stability and support you need, your hockey skates must be tight.

When you try on your skates, make sure to wear the socks you will play in.

For youth skates, you should just be able to fit your index finger between the back of your foot and the boot. If you have more than this, the skates are too big.

Do CCM And Bauer Skates Fit The Same?

Most of the time, your hockey skates should be between 1 and 112 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size.

Many players say that CCM skates can be up to an entire size larger than Bauer skates.

Should I Buy Second-Hand Skates?

You could save money by buying used skates, but you don’t really know how much they’ve been used, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll give you the support you need.

If you’re going to skate often, you don’t want to buy cheap skates that aren’t good.

What Is Meant By ‘Baking’ Skates?

Heat-molding is a process that softens the sides and top of the boot so it can fit your foot better.

Baking your skates in an oven made just for skates can cut down on the time it takes to break them in.

Not all skates can be shaped with heat. Check to see if your skates can be shaped with heat before you bake them.

Things To Remember When Buying Youth Hockey Skates For Your Kids

Junior hockey players need the right gear to reach their full potential. Skates are among the most important items you can purchase for them.

When deciding which skates to buy, you can’t go wrong with Bauer or CCM.

There are different lines of skates to support different skating styles and skill levels.
Beginner skaters shouldn’t spend too much money on features they don’t need. Support and stability are the most important things to look for.

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