10 Best Soccer Rebounder Nets 2022 – Updated

In soccer, your first touch is very important.

Any player can be taken out of the game with just one wrong touch.

But if you can handle the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo, you can make defenders’ lives hard.

Though it’s not always easy to learn how to control yourself. I think you should get a soccer rebounding net because of this.

Your soccer rebounder is easy to move, so you can set it up anywhere you want, like in your backyard or on a nearby training field. To improve your skills, hit and catch balls from the net a lot.

Here, we’ll tell you about the best soccer rebounders and tell you why they are the best.

We will also answer some of the most important questions you have about choosing a soccer rebounder net.

Here are the best soccer rebounders for every situation.

1. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer – Best All-Rounder

  • Provides a true-roll that helps master passing and…
  • Maximize reps by trapping the ball out of the air…
  • Work on volleys and half volleys with instep and…
  • Shoots ball into the air for downward offensive…
  • Portable, lightweight and stores easily

SKLZ has made a new soccer rebound net that will help you keep both feet on the game. SKLZ is one of the largest and most reliable makers of sports equipment in the world. They make high-quality training gear for professionals.

Best Soccer Rebounder

Pros from the English Premier League and Major League Soccer use the Quickster Soccer Trainer to improve their passing and receiving skills.

Because the trainer is between the two nets, one player can work on serving and returning volleys while the other does the same thing on the other side.

You could practice your headers and figure out how to keep the ball in your chest.

And don’t be afraid to give the instructor some heavy fire.

Trainer’s suspension frame is strong and flexible, so even your team’s hardest hitters won’t be able to break it. My team really liked using this product during our training sessions because it was easy to set up and move.

The Quickster Soccer trainer is the best choice for anyone who wants to improve their skills on a portable and sturdy net.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to pack away.
  • Players can practice headers, volleys, and passing with this net.
  • Passes back like a pro.
  • Can be used by more than two people at once.


  • Some users have reported the netting can lose resistance over time, but the net itself is highly durable and long-wearing.
  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow, but the net is easy to assemble once you get the hang of things.

2. PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer – Great For Goalkeepers

  • 【UPGRADED VERSION】You ask and we listen! Here…
  • 【IMPROVE SKILLS】For goalkeepers, this…
  • 【2 IN 1 DESIGN】With our 2 nets design, it is…
  • 【GAME-LIKE FEEL】With our rebounder net, you…
  • 【PORTABILITY & EASY ASSEMBLY】Coming with a 4.3…

PodiuMax has spent more than 20 years making cutting-edge practice tools that have helped players all over the world improve their skills. The newest soccer rebounder net shows that goalkeepers aren’t being forgotten.

When you put up this net, its height will be the first thing you notice. If you want to get better at volleying, this is a great place to do it because the top of the net makes a great target. But the trap is a great way for goalies to practice throwing the ball into the net over their shoulders.

Best Soccer Rebounder

This is the best soccer rebounder because the ball comes back in unexpected ways. Goalkeepers can use it to improve their reflexes and save more shots.

I think this net is heavier than the other ones on the list. But this also made it pretty strong, and the way it bounced back was kind of like a match. If you’re a goalie who wants to get better at handling the ball, this net is a great choice.


  • Strong.
  • Great for both goalkeepers and outfield players.
  • Two nets on either side.
  • Tall netting is excellent for volleys.
  • Simulates a match-like feel.


  • This net’s galvanized steel frame is heavy to lift and carry, but it is super sturdy and durable against hard shots.
  • The frame can rust if left outside, but it is easy and quick to pack away.
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3. FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall – Great For Simulating Lifesize Goal

  • TWO SIZES AVAILABLE – Choose between a 12ft x…
  • MULTI-SKILL TRAINING TOOL – Whether you’re…
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL FRAME – This long-lasting…
  • LARGE REBOUND NET – Designed with an extra-large…

In the world of soccer, the name FORZA is well-known for making high-quality training goals.

The FORZA Soccer Rebound wall is a little bit smaller than a real goal, which gives attackers a more realistic feeling when they shoot at it. Set up the net, but don’t worry about trying to hit the ball with too much force.

This rebounder is one of the most reliable options because it is made of strong galvanized steel. Also, the mesh net makes it feel like your shots into it are as random as they would be in a real game, which keeps you on your toes.

The height of this rebounder and the fact that it can be used as a shooting aid are two of its best selling points. The wide frame of this soccer rebounder makes it great for practicing volleys and headers.


  • Durable.
  • Strong.
  • Great for strikers.
  • Excellent free-kick stopper.
  • Can train multiple skills.
  • Great for all abilities.


  • The net takes some time to assemble, but it is highly durable.
  • Plus, the net isn’t very portable, with its steel frame being rather heavy. But the frame is weatherproof, so you can leave it up in your backyard overnight.

4. PowerNet Soccer Rebounder – Best Indoors And Outdoors Ne

  • 5’x5′ MULTI-SPORT REBOUND NET – The unique tapered…
  • TRAIN SOLO – Perfect training tool to practice by…

If you want to learn how to pass better, you could fall into this trap. The PowerNet Soccer rebounder is one more kind of soccer net. This one is smaller and easier to touch than the rest.

Best Soccer Rebounder

This is the best soccer rebounder you can buy if you want to improve your skills, accuracy, and strength. Because of how it tapers, the whole court can be used as a place for the ball to bounce.

Also, the way the ball goes changes depending on which side it is kicked from. The air pass loop is on one side, while the ground pass loop is smooth.

Since it can be used both inside and outside, you can set it up wherever you want and hit hard without worrying about the net falling over.

It can be set up and taken down in less than three minutes, which makes it very convenient. This is a great safety net for coaches and will make practice sessions much better.


  • Easy setup and disassembly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for solo players or teams.
  • It can be used to play both air and ground passes.
  • Also can be used for multiple sports!


  • This net is relatively small in diameter compared to others on this list, but that makes it a great tool to help improve accuracy.
  • Some users have reported the rebounder’s frame can break easily.

5. PowerNet Soccer Goal – The Best Soccer Rebounder For Youth Football

  • ONE 6 ft x 4 ft GOAL; Instant portable collapsible…
  • EASY QUICK SETUP; Goals setup in minutes; No tools…
  • PORTABLE; Collapsible training goal fold quickly…
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE; Great for outdoor and indoor use;…
  • Intended for ages greater than 12 years and older

PowerNet soccer goals are an improvement on the traditional rebound net. This is the best soccer goal you can buy if you want to show your future soccer stars what it’s like to play in a real game.

Coaches of young players can use this trap for a variety of fun and easy-to-learn passing and shooting drills.

Another good thing about this soccer net is that it is easy to move. Trainers can set up their teams almost anywhere, so they can play as soon as they get to the practice field.

I liked this item because I could use it for both soccer and basketball.

When the net is turned around, the back becomes a hard wall that coaches can play passes into. If I were coaching a young team, I’d be sure to save a lot of them.


  • Super portable.
  • Great for youth football.
  • Doubles as a rebound trainer and a goal.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for target training.
  • It can also be used on all surfaces.


  • It isn’t a great choice if you’re looking to train volleys, but this soccer rebounder works well as a net and a passing rebound.
  • Some users have reported the mesh lining around the net can easily tear; however, the net itself is very durable and can withstand hard shots.

6. Gear FC Soccer Wall – The Best For Ground Passing

  • DURABLE & STRONG-: Made from Made of High Density…
  • 2X ANGLE REBOUNDER -Flip the rebounder over to for…
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY- We make products strong enough…
  • PORTABLE – At 42″x18″ & 32lbs you can take your…
  • 4 LOCKING HINGES -The Gear FC 42″ x 18″ Passing…

Gear FC is used by some of the best teams in the MLS, and NYCFC is on that list. And this passing wall will help you pass better without any extra work.

Best Soccer Rebounder

Gear’s soccer rebounder passing wall is probably the strongest thing here.

Because it is made of high-density plastic, the wall works much better than most of the net traps on this list. Since the wall is so solid, you can hit it hard without worrying about it falling down or breaking.

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A great thing for any trainer to have. When you put this soccer rebounder together, you won’t have to deal with a net or your fingers getting tangled up.

All you have to do is put the wall back on its feet and kick out its two back supports.

The rebounder is even easier to move around because it has two built-in handholds. This equipment is a dream come true for any coach who wants to work on their passing game.


  • Durable.
  • Strong against hard shots.
  • Great for improving player passing.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Portable.
  • Gives natural passes back.


  • This wall doesn’t allow players to train their volleys or touch under high balls, but it is specially designed to help players improve ground passing.
  • Locking hinges on the back of the wall can rust easily when used in the rain, although Gear FC does offer a two-year warranty on this product.

7. RapidFire Mega X – Great For Improving Your First Touch

  • SMALL OR LARGE REBOUNDER – Choose between two…
  • HIGH AND LOW REBOUND AREAS – Innovatively…
  • PREMIUM REBOUNDING NET – Both delivery areas…
  • CONVENIENT ASSEMBLY PROCESS – There are no tools…

RapidFire helps you improve your touch and weak foot and is one of the best soccer rebounders. Compared to others, this soccer rebounder isn’t very special. But it is made so that the player is more likely to focus on controlling the ball than on hitting it hard.

There are two types of places for your kicks to bounce back: high and low. Play the ball in the air to show how good you are at flying.

If you shoot the ball low, you can also control passes that come at you along the ground. The best thing about this soccer rebounder is that you can change the angle to change where the ball goes when it goes back into play.

Because it is made of polyethylene, the ball can be shot out of the net at odd angles. It’s a good way to see how well you can react and handle passes. It’s a great choice for players who handle the ball and want to improve their skills and play.


  • Easy assembly process.
  • Adjustable angles.
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame.
  • Fully portable.
  • Can train half volleys, headers, and ground passes.


  • This soccer rebounder can be particularly heavy and awkward to carry, but it is durable and weatherproof.
  • Assembly instructions are limited, but this rebounder is quick to assemble and disassemble once you’ve mastered it.

8. SKLZ Adjustable Soccer Trainer – Most Realistic Passing

  • Soccer rebounder for mastering first touch,…
  • High-tension, adjustable-return design creates…
  • Sturdy, heavy-weight design stands up to intense…
  • Delivers game-like ball distances and speeds,…
  • Rapid-tension net system and unique collapsible…

This trainer from SKLZ is a must-have if you want to get better at passing and controlling the ball on the ground.

You can change the height of this rebounder to work on both ground passes and volleys.

This soccer rebounder has a high-tension return system, so it may help players move and pass the ball with the same speed and intensity as they would in a game.

Best Soccer Rebounder

You can tighten or loosen the soccer rebounder to your liking, and you can change the angle to fit your needs.

This soccer rebounder is easy to take apart and store away. The metal frame of the rebounder is connected to the net with bungee cords. The net is made of a strong polymer mesh. This is a great piece of equipment that players can use whether they are practicing alone or with a group.


  • Sturdy design.
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces.
  • Realistic pass-backs.
  • Can train volleys.
  • Fully adjustable.


  • The net can move on the ground if the frame is struck hard by a football, but the structure itself can withstand hard shots coming in at different angles.
  • Its collapsible frame can be a bit tricky to fold up but is very easy to assemble.

9. Flair Sports Pitch Back – Easy Assembly

  • ASSEMBLY – Ensure to follow the directions for…
  • HIGH QUALITY – Highest Quality Net / Bungees on…
  • PRACTICE BY YOURSELF – This return net allows you…
  • ALL AGE LEVELS – You will love this product for…
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Any issues will be taken…

Flair Sport’s rebound net can be used for more than just soccer. Many sports, from baseball to lacrosse, can be practiced with this net.

This particular rebounder is made for soccer training, and it has a cool target in the middle that can help you get better at aiming.

The best thing about this soccer rebounder is how well it works. One of the lightest and easiest to move, put together, and put away.

All the user has to do to make it stand up is unfold the stand in the back. On the soccer field, you score goals and get the ball back.

This soccer rebounder can also help you work on your volleys. The trap is, of course, slanted up, so the balls it sends back to you will be traveling at a high speed.

This rebounder is the way to go if you want to practice by yourself. The frame can be used for more than just soccer when the net is stretched tight over it.

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  • High tension rebounder.
  • Features unique target.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Portable.
  • Helps players train volleys.
  • Great to use with other sports.


  • Its net isn’t great for those wanting to train ground passes, but it is perfect for those training volleys.
  • The soccer rebounder can slip and fall when its frame is struck hard with a ball, but the structure itself is extremely durable and long-lasting.

10. NET PLAYZ Rebound Net – Most Portable Soccer Rebounder

  • 1. Assembly Size 4.69FT x 3.38FT, Lightweight…
  • 2. Easy set up, less than 90 seconds
  • 3. Convenient and portable to take everywhere
  • 4. Adjust angles and easy net fixing, included…
  • 5. Easy net fixing, compact size to fit most…

This soccer rebounder might be the lightest and easiest to carry out of the ones on this list. This soccer rebounder net is easy to set up and takes less than a minute to do so.

The trap is made of five fiberglass poles and is easy to carry and store in a handy carry bag. Once the frame is put together, you can change the angle and tension to train each of your skills.

Its fiberglass poles pull the mesh net around the frame of the rebounder and give the ball a natural rollback when it is thrown into the net.

You can also practice your volleys and touches under the high ball with the rebounder. Just point the soccer rebounder up and chip the ball into the goal.

This soccer rebounder is a simple piece of equipment meant to help players improve their basic skills. It is perfect for young football players.


  • Easy and fast assembly.
  • Great for those looking to develop new skills.
  • Allows players to train a variety of passing and ball control skills.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Fiberglass poles are not very durable if struck by a football, although the netting itself is very strong.
  • The net can also turn in the ground and needs to be regularly adjusted if the ball is struck at it at an angle.

Our Buying Guide

Here are five things you should look out for when buying the best soccer rebounder for you.


If you want to get better at soccer, you should train as much as possible. So, you should buy a soccer rebounder that is strong and will last a long time. The PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer is a strong soccer rebounder that will last for a long time.

Best Soccer Rebounder

Offers a variety of exercises for training

To get the most out of your money, choose the best soccer rebounder that can be used for multiple training exercises.

I like ones like the SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer, which lets you test your passing skills on the ground and in the air.


No soccer coach wants to be stuck at the end of practice trying to take down several soccer traps. So, a soccer rebounder like the Gear FC Soccer Wall is always a good idea.

What You Need To Play

Depending on what role you play on the team, each soccer rebounder has different features that can help you do your job better.

The PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer is good for goalkeepers, while the FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall is better for strikers.

The Quality Of The Soccer Rebounder

Players can only get better by practicing situations that are like real games. So, you should look for a net that makes the ball bounce like it would if you were passing it to a teammate. One of the best soccer rebounder nets is the SKLZ Adjustable Soccer Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Soccer Rebounder Nets Good For Team Practice?

Yes. Rebounder nets are used by a lot of professional coaches in group sessions all over the country. They are mostly used in warm-up drills to help players get their reactions in order before a game or practice.

Do Professional Teams Use Soccer Rebounders

In the MLS and the Premier League, many professional teams use soccer rebounders during training drills to help strikers and attackers move the ball around before going for the goal.

What Is The Best Soccer Rebounder For Youth Players?

There are many different types of rebounders that can help young players improve their skills. The PowerNet Soccer Goal is the one I would suggest for coaches of youth soccer teams. They are easy to move around and can do a lot of different things that you can use in your training sessions.

How To Make The Right Selection

The best advice I can give to soccer players and coaches is to buy the best soccer rebounder for their skill level and what they want to do in the game.

If you want to get better at soccer and turn pro, get a top-of-the-line soccer rebounder that will help you improve more than just your ground passing.

But keep in mind that no matter which soccer rebounder you want to buy, you should make sure you’ll enjoy using it and having fun using it in your training drills.

Soccer is all about having fun, and even though we’re here to get better, you should also make sure you’re having a good time during training.

And especially for parents and coaches of young soccer players, make sure you choose a soccer rebounder that your kids or players can grow into.

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