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Soccer players who want to get better need to go to soccer training camps. Youth can get in better shape at soccer camps, and they can also meet top coaches from all over the country.

Today, I’ll tell you about the five soccer camps I think are the best in the United States.

With these, you (or your child) should be able to make a lot of progress in your soccer career and learn a lot of useful skills.

Let’s start right away, shall we?

5 Best Soccer Training Camps In The United States

Before I get to the list, I want to make it clear that four of the five soccer camps I chose aren’t really camps.

Instead, these sites give high school, college, and post-graduate soccer players access to thousands of camps. Each venue has its own terms, opportunities, locations, and partners.

Best Soccer Camps In The USA

I’ll talk about the most important points below, but you should also check out each website to get a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

1. Future 500 ID Soccer Camp

The best thing about the Future 500 ID Soccer Training Camp is that every 11-v-11 game is filmed in high definition by professional sports videographers.

Players can get professionally edited highlight reels from the Future 500 ID Camp. Players can also buy raw game footage as an add-on.

Future 500 ID Camp isn’t the only company that shows game footage to participants. But Future 500 ID Camp looks more professional and seems to have better quality in this way.

The videos are also sent to some colleges by Future 500 ID Soccer Camp.You can also send the videos to any college you want.

Coaches for the next 500 ID Camp will come from top colleges and all three NCAA divisions. On the website for each camp, you can see the full list of coaches.

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One of the most important things about Future 500 ID Camp is that it promises each camper the most exposure possible. Most of the time, Future 500 ID Camp plans its sessions so that every college coach there can see every camper.

Best Soccer Camps In The USA

Girls and boys can both go to camp at Future 500 ID Camp. Each center’s program includes high-level coaching, educational seminars that teach people how to sell themselves to colleges, and more.

2. US Sports Nike Overnight Soccer Camps

Nike and US Sports Camps have teamed up to offer sports camps for a wide range of sports. US Sports Camps has camps for baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, golf, football, and even esports, in addition to soccer.

US Sports Camps has a lot of soccer camps all over the country. In this way, US Sports Camps has more money than Future 500 ID Campthis way, US Sports Camps has more money than Future 500 ID Camp. At the time this post was written, there were only about a dozen Future 500 ID camps.

However, the exposure provided by Future 500 ID Camp is superior to that provided by US Sports Camps.With the second option, many more coaches attend each camp, giving you the chance to meet more people.

Best Soccer Camps In The USA

On the other hand, US sports camps might be a little less expensive, so there’s that.

US Sports Camps gives each camp options for where to stay, how to get there, and what to eat. Most of the time, the staff lives on site with the campers and keeps an eye on them at all times.

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are usually not allowed, and general bad behaviour usually leads to being kicked out of camp. So US sports camps should have the best discipline.

3. Exact Sports Adidas Camps

Exact Sports says that it has the best soccer camps for kids in the US. When you look around the website, you can see that they are probably not too far off.

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Overall, what Exact Sports has to offer is similar to what Future 500 ID Camp has to offer. Most importantly, coaches from different colleges and divisions are involved in Exact Sports. This gives you important exposure and lets you show off your skills and potential.

Overall, you could meet with coaches from 10 to 50 colleges, which is huge if you want to play soccer in college.

Exact Sports records the meetings and sends your camp video stream to a number of colleges, just like Future 500 ID Camp. You can also send your footage to a college of your choice if you want to.

Best Soccer Camps In The USA

Exact Sports’ list of camps seems to be a lot better than what you get with Future 500 ID Camp. As of the time this post was written, the website listed close to 100 soccer camps, with dates going all the way through late December.

Exact Sports offers goalkeepers special training, one-on-one evaluations with coaches, and advanced practices and drills from youth soccer experts, among other things.

On the page for each camp, Exact Sports also says that 70.2% of camp athletes go on to play sports in college. If you don’t go to an Exact Sports camp, on the other hand, you only have a 5.7% chance of getting into college soccer.

The picture comes from Exact Sports.

4. IMG Academy

IMG Academy has some of the best soccer camps in the United States. Their training facilities include more than 20 fields that can be used for different things, a covered turf facility, a 10,000-square-foot weight room, and strategy rooms for watching videos and making plans.

IMG Academy soccer camps cover more ground and go into more detail than other options. IMG Academy soccer camps last anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks and cover:

  • Quickness and dexterity
  • Power and strength.
  • Having a strong mind.
  • Leadership and talking to people
  • Nutrition.

The cost of IMG Academy’s soccer camps for young people is pretty high, though. You should be ready to pay anywhere from $1,000 for a three-day camp to $10,000 for a three-week trip.

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Best Soccer Camps In The USA

IMG Academy has different plans for each soccer camp. The more expensive plans include personalized training sessions, customized instruction, and more ways to specialize in training.

No matter which plan you choose, your child will get two soccer practices a day, meals and drinks every day, training evaluations, and more.

5. New York Red Bulls Soccer Camps

Lastly, there are the soccer camps for the New York Red Bulls. If you’ve ever wanted to train at a camp connected to Major League Soccer (MLS), this could be your chance.

Soccer camps for the New York Red Bulls happen in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Because of this, they focus on local talent, but you could send your child to take part from anywhere in the US.

The New York Red Bulls have different levels of athletic load for their half-day, RDS, and residential soccer camps.

You also get access to virtual summer soccer camps with 1 hour of programming each day, live training sessions, classroom activities, nutrition tips, and more.

Best Soccer Camps In The USA

Through the New York Red Bulls Academy, players between the ages of 12 and 19 can get a chance to play soccer professionally. The first and second teams of the club also use the modern training facilities where the academy takes place.

The Extra Time

I’ve given you what feels like hundreds of soccer camps to choose from, so it will probably take you a few hours to look into the youth soccer camps I’ve suggested. You should look closely at each platform to figure out which one would work best for you.

There are a lot of other good soccer camps around the country, but to keep this post short, I’ve only listed what I think are the 5 best soccer camps in the world.

Also, I think most people will find my suggestions useful, and only a few of you will need to look further to find something worthwhile.

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