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What are the best kickboxing shoes?

If you’re like me and have ever asked yourself that question, it probably took you a while to think of a good answer.

Since kickboxing is usually something you learn as a child or pick up later in life, it can be hard to get the right gear.

The best kickboxing shoes are usually made of dense foam, which makes them both flexible and supportive. They have to be light, have good ankle support, and have a lot of traction.

With that in mind, it’s best to look for sparring shoes.

Not sure what they are exactly? Well, this article’s goal is to help you narrow that down, so that’s good news.

Here is a detailed look at five of the best shoes for kickboxing.

1. Rival Boxing BOOTS-LOW TOPS – Best Kickboxing Shoes For Serious Athletes

My all-time favorites, and the shoes that inspired me to pursue my passion for kickboxing more seriously.

They are a must-have for people who want to try this amazing art because they are so light and supportive. They offer support for your ankles; they’re so comfortable to land on and absorb shock amazingly well.

Best Shoes For Kickboxing

Oh, and they look fabulous too.


  • Supportive
  • Absorb shock
  • Comfortable


  • Probably a bit too much for newcomers

2. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes – Perfect For Kickboxers With Big Feet

  • The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are contemporary…
  • These sport-specific shoes have a patent leather…
  • Made with a breathable nylon mesh pattern and a…
  • Please see size chart with foot measurements to…

The Ringside Diablo collection is among the best on the market.It has a modern look.

Made just for this kind of sport, their rubber soles give you a lot more comfort when you’re fighting, and they’re made to do well.

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They are great if you have big or wide feet because they are naturally wide, and the low-top ankle gives you a lot of freedom while still giving you a lot of support.


  • Very breathable
  • Hugely comfortable
  • Lots of ankle support


  • Can only really be used for contact sports

Best Shoes For Kickboxing

3. Adidas Aldi-KICK 2 Martial Arts Shoes – Best Shoes For Experienced Kickboxers

  • Pu material
  • Short lace better fit
  • Very light shoe
  • Please note that these are tight fitting
  • Please order a size bigger than usual

If you already know how to kickbox, the Adidas Aldi-Kick line is a great choice. You can also use these shoes for tae kwon do. The rubber sole’s pivot points allow your feet to move as freely as possible.

They’re great if you’ve been around the block a few times and don’t feel like you need the comfort of higher ankle support.


  • Very light
  • Can be used for more than one sport
  • Pivot points really help wrap your foot around opponents


  • Lower ankle support may scare off newcomer

4. Adidas Box Hog 3 – Best Shoes For Kickboxing Support

The Box Hog is another kickboxing shoe from Adidas (aren’t they the best?). It’s more like a traditional kickboxing shoe. In fact, the laces hold your foot in place so you don’t get nasty injuries, but the support doesn’t end there.

The product is made to last longer, and the EVA midsole is part of that. It gives great support and grip all around the ring.

They don’t look bad either, and you can train longer and fight harder with them.


  • Offer all-round support
  • From a very respectable brand
  • Very, very durable
  • Protected toe cap to guard against toe injury


  • Lace holes have been known to rip early

5. Mooto TKD – Best Shoes For People Who Do More Than One Sport

  • New concept shoes Sock type martial arts, even…
  • 1. Hygiene: Protects sweat and harmful such as…
  • 2. Activities: Non-slip fabrics on the bottom…
  • 4. Keep Warmth: Neoprene that provides comport…
  • Color: Navy or Red / Material: Neoprene / Contain:…

Best Shoes For Kickboxing

You might be surprised that the Mooto Korea Taekwondo range can protect your feet so much, given how light they look. Still, this new idea might look like a sock, but something like this will always be used in a pursuit.

If you don’t get caught, kickboxing shouldn’t hurt. The whole point of this practice is to hurt your opponent, not yourself, so this type of shoe is often used.

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They don’t slip, so you can hold on to them better, and you can wash them in the washing machine, which saves you a lot of trouble.


  • Light
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip function
  • Suitable for more than one combat sport


  • The lightness of them might put off people who aren’t used to kickboxing

Our Buying Guide

So, as you can see, there are some important things to keep in mind when looking for the best kickboxing shoes.

Since this is a specialized sport, you have to make sure you buy the right thing. There are, in fact, a few things you should think about when shopping online, and if you can meet all of them, you’ll probably be happy with what you buy.


When you think about how much bouncing and general stress kickboxing puts on your feet and legs, you have to get something durable.

If you try to save money from the start, you’ll have to buy new sneakers or athletic shoes more often, which will cost you more money in the long run.

Best Shoes For Kickboxing


Your feet need support just like your shoes do.

You are putting your body through a lot of serious stress. If your shoes don’t give you support, you could hurt your ankles and feet in bad ways. With this in mind, get as much help as you can when you’re shopping for shoes.


You have to get something with holes in it. not just for the health of your feet but also for the health of anyone you’ll be close to after your session. Don’t make them smell like that.

If your shoes let air in, they will be easier to get off the ground and will be a lot more comfortable.

By following these three rules, you’ll be able to find the best shoe for your kickboxing needs.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are The Best Kickboxing Shoes Made Out Of?

Most of the time, the best kickboxing shoes are made of dense foam, just like other athletic shoes.

That helps you stay on your feet and gives you support. It also helps you stay away from painful injuries like plantar fasciitis.

What Does Plantar Fasciitis Mean?

The word “plantar fasciitis” comes from the Latin word for “foot pain.”

It usually means that there is swelling between your heel bone and your toes. This is common in sports like basketball and kickboxing, where you jump off the ground and land on your feet.

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Best Shoes For Kickboxing

Do Kickboxing Shoes HAVE To Be Lightweight?

This seems to be a pretty clear “yes.”

Since the sport requires a lot of kicking and jumping, you must wear something light. Big shoes take more energy to get off the ground, which slows you down and makes you tired when you’re trying to defend yourself.

Can I Use Kickboxing Shoes For Other Sports?

Yes, it does depend on what you’re doing (to an extent).

Because there is no heel, you can’t really start running or lifting weights in a pair of kickboxing shoes like you could with other athletic shoes.

A light jog wouldn’t be too bad, but I wouldn’t do anything other than kickboxing in them. If you do it right, you’ll be fit enough.

How Seriously Should I Take Ankle Support?

In all seriousness,

If you’ve never had ankle problems, you might think you’re invincible, but one bad move can cause problems for the rest of your life. Trust me, I’ve seen it before.

So, when it comes to ankle support, you should always buy the best product you can afford. It’s just not worth the risk if you like to stay active.

Last Advice

We hope that this was helpful to you.

Kickboxing is both a sport and an art form. To do it right, you need the right shoes, and to be honest, I like the Rival Boxing Boots Low Tops the best.

They let in a lot of air to keep your feet cool and dry, and they also look really cool.

It’s very important that you remember our rules. I can’t say this enough: pay close attention to how your boots fit and how long they last.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many people get hurt when they tried to get into kickboxing without wearing the right shoes.

Some of the products may look a little thin, but don’t let that fool you. As long as they support your ankle, you shouldn’t have any problems in the ring or outside of it. The power, of course, comes from how well you aim your shots, not how heavy your shoes are.

Take care of yourself out there. We hope we’ve helped. Kickboxing has a lot of good points; make sure your shoes are one of them.

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