10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Your Soccer Games – Updated

Isn’t it hard to be a goalkeeper?

You have to jump in front of every shot, and your team’s success or failure often depends on you. But even if you save a hundred shots, you won’t be the hero of the game very often.

When TheChampLair.com asked me to write a list of the top 10 goalkeeper gloves on the market, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

As a goalkeeper myself, I have more than 30 pairs of shoes, and I had to choose based on facts instead of how I felt about some of them.

A goalkeeper’s glove is like an extension of his hand. It is an important tool that must be of high quality to protect the hand and help the player do his best.

The gloves in this guide have been graded by professionals, are often used by the best goalkeepers in the world, and, most importantly, will help you beat your opponents.

The Top 10 Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Vapor Grip 3 – The Best Overall Goalkeeper Gloves

This pair of soccer goalie gloves from the best-known sports brand in the world is a classic. These Nike Vapor Grip 3 goalkeeper gloves haven’t changed much over the years because they’re so good.

It’s hard to make something better if it’s already great. The different kinds of this product are mostly the same. The design and colours are the main things that are different.

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 has a patent-protected cut that gives the player more surface area to grip the ball.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

The palm of the glove is made of Nike’s new 4mm Contact Plus foam, which works well in any weather and is also one of the best grips you can get. Because they were made with high-quality materials, these soccer gloves are the most durable and sturdy ones on the market.


  • Hybrid patented cut: Bigger contact area and improved ball control
  • Flexible and durable fabric
  • Light and fits like a glove (pun intended)
  • Amazing grip from the Latex
  • Wrap around wristband


  • Honestly hard to find any

Uhlsport Eliminator Aquagrip – The Most Durable Goalkeeper Gloves

The Germans are really good at making goalkeepers. They have a lot of great goalkeepers, from Oliver Kahn to Manuel Neuer and everyone in between, so it’s only fair that they have companies that make gloves that are just as good.

The German company Uhlsport designs and makes all kinds of sports gear. When it comes to selling goalkeeper gloves, they are the top company in many countries.

These Uhlsport Eliminator Aquagrip gloves have been around for a long time, but Alphonse Areola, a World Cup champion goalkeeper, still wears them.

No matter what the weather is like outside, the Supergrip latex gives you a lot of control over the ball. It feels like you put rubber on your gloves.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

I’ve never felt this way before. Even when it rains, they don’t get slippery, so I wouldn’t think twice about wearing them, even if the weather report said it would be hard to play.

These goalkeeper gloves from Uhlsport fit very tightly and are very comfortable to wear. They are also very durable (I have used them for two seasons, and they are still in store-bought condition).


  • One of the best grips you can get
  • 360° wrist wrap
  • Provides a good punch
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Very comfortable


  • Might be an overkill if you’re an amateur goalkeeper

Reusch Pure Contact – The Lightest Option

I actually care about these gloves on an emotional level. A funny thing happened when I was playing a very important game that we had to win.

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I was in a hurry to pack my things, but I couldn’t find my favourite gloves. I chose these Reusch goalie gloves because they were the first ones I could find.

We won the game 1-0, and I ended up making 11 saves. To top it off, I was named MOTM (Man of the Match). There’s no doubt that these gloves have been a big part of this great game.

This simple pair of gloves weighs only 3 ounces (88 grams), and the Evolution Negative cut gives them a clean look. It feels like a second skin when you wear it, but don’t worry, your hand is safe.

I also want to say that these gloves have an amazing feel and grip. The special Latex G3 Fusion that Reusch used to make these gloves is amazing, and they work well even when it rains.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

You should definitely buy these gloves if you want light gloves that don’t make any sacrifices.


  • Lightweight baby! (Any Ronnie Coleman fans out there?)
  • Slick and clean design
  • Latex G3 Fusion for an insane grip
  • Equal performances, no matter the weather


  • Quite hard to find, it seems they’re always out of stock

Renegade GK Fury – Best Value For Your Money

Even though these gloves have been around for a while, I still think they are some of the best. They are very durable and work well even when it’s raining. They have everything we could want in a high-quality pair of gloves.

With their Giga Grip technology, which makes it easier to control the ball, these gloves really pack a technical punch. The Renegade Fury’s main goal is to let the palm spread out wider and give a great grip in any weather (which it does).

The pre-curved technology in these gloves is another really cool piece of technology. It puts your hands in a ready-to-catch position by default.

The last thing I want to say is that these gloves feel really cool. Because the material used to make these goalie gloves lets air in, your hands won’t sweat much at all.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Good grip
  • Made of high-end latex
  • Very durable
  • Great value for your money


  • Quite hard to find, it seems they’re always out of stock

Adidas ACE Replique– Best Budget Goalie Gloves

Are you looking for good gloves that you can bring to practice without spending a lot of money on them? I’ll take care of you. You can get the most for your money with these Ace Replique Adidas goalkeeper gloves. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

The great grip that the EVO Zone Tech II latex gives is what makes these gloves stand out. I think that your training gloves and your game gloves shouldn’t be too different. I think this is because you shouldn’t have to change how you play based on the gloves you have on.

Another thing that is often overlooked but is very important when buying something cheap is how long it will last. Yes, these gloves cost less, but they also last longer.

The price is very low per game played or per year of use. If you want to save money without sacrificing quality, these gloves are your best choice.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Protection on the backhand
  • Negative Cut
  • Very tight fit
  • Perfect wrist support with the elastic strap
  • Very cheap


  • Can be too tight, I would order one size above

Nike Spyne Pro

These Nike Spyne Pro are also pretty good. I really like how they look and how well they let air in. The inside grip works best if your glove fits your hand perfectly, so if I had to order these again, I would order one size smaller than I usually do.

The inside grip is what makes these gloves stand out. It’s very comfortable to wear, and you don’t have to worry about it slipping off.

The palm absorbs hits pretty well, the grip is better than average, and most importantly, the Bio-align technology puts your hands in a position where they are always ready to catch.

Overall, these are great, simple gloves, but there are better options in this price range.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Made with flexible foam
  • Wrap-around wrist closure
  • Finger support
  • Great looking glove


  • A tad too basic

Adidas Predator Competition Goalkeeper Glove

Okay, we all know that most of the best goalkeepers in the world wear Adidas soccer gloves. Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas, David De Gea, and even their mothers have always preferred the three-stripe company to protect their goal line.

From my point of view, these Adidas Predator Competition gloves are the most useful. The new tech strap makes these gloves very stable, and the two foam latex palms make it possible to make a single glove that is good for both catching and letting go.

With a structure that fits perfectly, this model has few seams and a sleek and elegant look.

I also want to talk about the Fingersave spine, which is really cool. This is a pretty cool feature that will make it much less likely that you will hurt your hands or fingers when you shoot. definitely one of my all-time favourite pairs of gloves.

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Best Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Very comfortable to wear and perfectly fitting.
  • FINGERSAVE spine which resists to powerful shots and prevents your fingers from going backwards.
  • Designed for optimal contact area and efficiency on every catch
  • Gloves made of latex and elastane foam


  • Need to be kept clean to maximize efficiency

Puma EvoPower Protect 3.3

Another pair of Puma goalie gloves, the EvoPower Protect 3.3, is made of latex and has a flat cut. They stand out because they cost so little for gloves of this quality; it’s a steal.

If the fingersave could be taken away, these would be higher on my list. The flexible PFP spines on these gloves give them high quality and protection, and the latex palm gives you a good grip in any weather.

If you like extra protection, like gloves with a flat cut, and are looking for gloves on the cheaper end of the price range, you don’t need to look any further. These are the best gloves you can get.


  • Great bargain
  • Large contact area
  • Flat cut


  • Non-removable fingersave

Puma EvoDisc – Best Tech Soccer Goalie Gloves

When Gianluigi Buffon and Petr Cech wear goalie gloves, it’s a pretty good sign of how good they are.

There is one big thing that makes these Puma goalkeeper gloves stand out from the rest. They have a unique way to close, which is a disc on the back of the hand that can be used to make the gloves tighter or looser.

The RC/IS hybrid cut gives you a bigger area to catch the ball, and the Ultimate Grip latex on the palm and thumb area gives you the best grip possible.

On the backhand side, the Strikezone punching areas made by Puma are very good for clearings.

The fact that these gloves go halfway up the forearm is another cool thing about them. This is great because it protects your wrists better than any other gloves I’ve tried.

If you like cool, high-tech things that still do what they were made for, you should definitely get these. If Iron Man played goalkeeper, he would definitely wear these Puma evoDisc gloves.


  • EvoDisc Technology
  • Hybrid Cut
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Improved wrist protection


  • Some fellow goalkeepers say they’re not comfortable

Malker Soccer Gloves – Best Kids Goalie Gloves

If your kid is a goalkeeper, I really think they should use these great gloves. The most important things are safety and protection, and these gloves really fit the bill here.

The stiff material and the 360° tightening system do a great job of protecting the wrists. The strong fingersave skeleton is there to stop most of the injuries that goalkeepers tend to get.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

The gloves only come in two colours, but they come in six different sizes. Not only are they best for kids, but they’re also a great deal. If you want your kids to have the best goalie gloves, you can’t go wrong with these.


  • Big palm area
  • Durability
  • Wrist protection
  • Comfortable
  • Available in several sizes


  • Not specifically designed only for kids

Choosing The Best Goalie Gloves – The Ultimate Buying Guide

What Are Goalkeeper Gloves And Why You Should Use Them?

While some goalkeepers wear helmets and others mouth guards, ALL serious goalkeepers wear gloves.

Not only are they the most important pieces of gear you can have because they protect you, but they are also very useful and will help you make more saves, more catches, and defend your goal line with more confidence.

The gloves you choose are much more important than your shoes. They need to help you do your job by giving you a good grip, reducing the chance of getting hurt, and being comfortable to wear.

What Are The Main Features Of Goalkeeping Gloves?

When you’re looking for keeper gloves, the most important question to ask yourself is simple: Will these gloves help me do my job?

Just because of this, you need to make sure the grip is good. Durability and comfort are also important things to think about.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Most GK gloves are made of latex and foam, but the shape and size of each brand will be different. I think you should always make sure they do because these materials are necessary to protect your hand while giving you the most freedom of movement.

Goalkeeper Gloves Size Charts

Of course, none of what I said above would matter if you chose gloves that didn’t even fit your hands. So, I’ve included a chart below to help you figure out which size is right for your hands.

To get the best results and get the most out of the glove’s gripping ability, you must stick to this size chart.

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There might be a small difference between brands, so check their size charts twice before you order.

Remember that the gloves are too small if the tips of your fingers can touch the end of the glove. You should leave a little extra space. Also, make sure the glove doesn’t fall off your hand when you’re wearing it.

Different Goalkeeper Glove Cuts

This is the first thing you’ll notice as a goalkeeper. Everyone has different tastes, so it’s important to know what each of these cuts offers to help you find the right gloves.

1. Negative Cut

With a negative cut, the seams are on the inside of the gloves. The contact area is usually quite large and protects your hands very well.

It is made especially for people with smaller hands. Most of the time, these gloves are tight, which makes it easier to hold onto things.

2. Flat Cut

The most common and traditional cut is the flat cut. In this case, the palm is made of a single flat piece of foam.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Flat-cut gloves are usually made for beginners and are a good choice for a first pair of gloves if you are just starting out as a goalkeeper. They don’t grip as well as the other cuts, but they are often much cheaper.

3. Roll Finger Cut

This cut is made so that your fingers bend forward. It has a large contact area and a good catching stance. They’re great if you tend to get hurt easily because they give you more protection. This is also called a “Gun Cut” from time to time.

4. Hybrid Cut

You guessed it: the hybrid cut is a combination of the ones above. Most gloves made today have a cut that is a mix of the negative cut and the flat cut. Look for a combination that takes the best parts of two different cuts and leaves out the worst parts.

The Different Parts Of A Goalie Glove

There are three main parts to a goalie’s glove: the backhand, the palm, and the closure. They are all important parts of a good glove and will have a big effect on how well you play on the field.

1. The Backhand

Backhand is, as its name suggests, the part of the glove that is at the back. Its main job is to keep your hand from getting hurt when you punch the ball.

Protection will vary from glove to glove, but most inexpensive gloves will have a foam layer for protection. More expensive gloves will be made of latex and have a spine structure to protect the fingers even more.

2. The Palm

The palm is also easy to understand because it is on the inside of the glove. Its main job is to give you as much contact with the ball as possible, give you the best grip, and protect the palm of your hand.

You must take extra care of this part because it is both the most fragile and the most important.

Their surface can be smooth or have bumps. Smooth means high quality. Dimpled gloves may last longer, but they are harder to hold on to and are mostly used for practice.

When it comes to thickness, the palms of high-quality gloves will be thicker than those of cheaper gloves.

3. The Closure

This part will depend a lot on how you like things. Some goalkeepers like to keep their gloves very tight, while others like to loosen them. It’s really up to you and how comfortable you are if you want an elastic closure or a more traditional hook and loop closure.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Are Fingersaves Mandatory?

A lot of coaches will tell you to put fingersave spines on your glove’s backhand. This is supposed to lower the chance of getting hurt.

I think they’re useless, and I strongly advise people not to use them in general. Only one thing about the Adidas Ace Trans Fingersave Pro gets a pass from me.

They make it hard to move around, they’re uncomfortable, and they usually make the gloves more expensive. Also, if your fingers depend too much on the spines, they won’t get stronger and will get hurt more often.

Picking The Best Goalkeeper Gloves Wraping Up

Many people may think that goalkeeper gloves are pretty simple and that choosing the right one shouldn’t be too hard, but I hope I was able to show that there is a bit more to it than that.

Elite sports are using technology more and more. It’s only fair that we use the advantages it can give us, and any serious competitor will always try to buy sports gear after doing research.

In the end, the best goalkeeper gloves for you will depend on your own tastes and the features you need them to have. I hope I was able to explain it to you in a way that was easy to understand and helped you decide what to buy.

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