Top 7 Best Football Gloves For Receivers [ True Reviews]

In the United States, football may be the most well-known sport. Football is just as exciting at every level, from youth leagues to the NFL. To play football, you need a wide range of specialized tools.

Even though football gloves aren’t strictly necessary for games in the backyard, most football players do wear them.

It’s hard for athletes to find the right gloves because some (like linemen) need more protection while others need a better grip (wide receiver). We put together this buyer’s guide to help you find gloves at a price you can afford.

Detailing the Top Football Gloves of 2022

Seibertron Receiver Gloves – Best Overall

The Seibertron Pro 3.0 ultra-stick football gloves are near the top of our list for a number of reasons. The palm and fingers feel like rubber, which makes it easy to hold on to things.

These gloves have a great grip and come in sizes for kids through adults. Like many other receiver gloves, these have sticky palms that make them easier to use in wet conditions.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

These football gloves aren’t the best because they were made on the cheap and the stitching isn’t very strong, but they’ll do if you need a replacement for the rest of the season.


  • Stands up to harsh conditions
  • In a laundry machine,
  • Excellent stickiness on the palms and tips of the fingers.


Wet weather makes them less useful, just like it does for any football glove.

Under Armour Football Gloves – Runner-Up

The 3D print overlays on these gloves make them easier to hold on to and last longer. Under Armour’s “GlueGrip” stays sticky for a longer time, especially when it’s wet. Another great thing is that you can tighten the straps to a comfortable level while still being able to move around freely in the game.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

Under Armour’s gloves are made of high-quality, extremely durable material that lets your fingers breathe. These gloves, which come in different sizes and colors, are great for receivers who want to get a better grip on the ball. Aside from that, they have great taste.


  • The perfect mix of convenience and ease of use. Keeps your hands cool and healthy.
  • There are many different sizes to choose from.


A little looser around the fingers than would be ideal.

Cutters Game Day Football Gloves – Classic Pick

Silicone gives the Cutters Game Day football glove better grip and more hand protection. These football lineman gloves are made to be as comfortable as possible by letting air in and fitting snugly. You can easily clean the gloves in the washing machine.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

Fans of old-school football would remember Cutters as the brand that every player used the most. The National Handicap Golf Society and the National Collegiate Athletic Association both say that cutter golf balls work well in both wet and dry conditions.


  • Comfortable and a good fit
  • Wearables that let air flow to keep sweat from building up
  • Known company that makes football gloves


Maybe gets worn out after a month and needs to be replaced.

Wilson NFL Football Glove – Also Consider

The extra flexible material used to make Wilson NFL football gloves makes sure that players of all sizes can wear them comfortably and securely. The silicon palm of the gloves gives a firm grip, and the poly lycra backhand lets air flow and allows for movement.

Wilson is a well-known name in the sports goods business, and the official NFL ball is made by the company.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

These gloves are perfect for any young football player or NFL fan who wants to show their team spirit. The stretch-fit lets the gloves get as big as they need to in order to fit well.


  • Flexible and able to change.
  • All 32 NFL teams have their own logos.
  • People say that gloves are hard to put on and take off.

Nike Vapor Football Glove

The “magnigrip” palm on these Nike gloves makes them stickier, which makes it easier to hold on to the ball. The breathable material keeps your fingers cool.

Gloves have a cuff that can be tightened or loosened so they fit snugly and comfortably, and the thumb and fingers are free to move.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

If you turn on any college or pro game, you’re sure to see a player wearing Nike’s Vapor football gloves, which are widely thought to be some of the best in the business. These gloves are great for skill players or quarterbacks who move around a lot because they are light and have a sticky surface.


  • Durable gloves
  • Gloves that fit well and feel good are easy to clean.


Like most Nike products, the gloves look like they are on the small side.

Adidas Adifast Football Gloves

The Adidas Adifast football glove has a griptack palm that makes it easy to hold on to the ball in both wet and dry weather. The rubber cuffs can be tightened or loosened to fit snugly or loosely, and the material gives enough support to the hands.

Adidas made these gloves with both functionality and style in mind. The gloves are a great way to add some flair to any outfit you wear to a game.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 

The extra padding on the back and the material that keeps your fingers from getting too hot make these great for any posture.


  • “Climalite” gloves from Adidas keep your hands from sweating and give you great grip in any weather.
  • There’s no doubt that the gloves are cute.


Not much air can get to the fingers.

EliteTek Men’s Football Glove

EliteTek’s football gloves have just the right amount of grip to help you play better in any weather. They fit well, let air in, and aren’t too heavy.

These gloves are one-of-a-kind because you can have your own number sewn on the wrist. This makes it impossible for anyone to get the wrong pair.

The EliteTek football gloves are the last pair. These gloves come in many different colors and sizes, and they fit like a second skin. They are also light and have enough cushioning so that you can focus on the game at hand.

Great fit and grip. Can be used in any football position. Great price for football gloves.


They don’t last as long as most gloves.

Buyer’s Guide: Elite Football Gloves

It’s important to have a good pair of football gloves for both practice and games. Because there are so many gloves to choose from, picking the best pair isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

This buying guide has a few tips to speed up the process so you can spend more time playing and less time researching online.

Types of Football Gloves

Before you go shopping for gloves, you should think about where you play on the field. Here, you can choose from two main types of football gloves:

Receiver/skill position gloves

These gloves are made for receivers, running backs, and defensive backs to help them get a better grip on and control the ball. They are meant to be light and flexible, with extra gripping material around the fingers and thumb and some padding on the back.

Lineman gloves

Gloves made just for offensive and defensive linemen, such as linebackers, who do more “trench warfare” than players in any other position. Heavyweight gloves are made to protect the hands from helmets, cleats, and 300-pound guys.

The gloves are made of stronger materials and have more padding on the palm and back of the hand. Since grip is less important for bigger people, these gloves have solid frames, finger stays, and palms that don’t stick to your hands.

Why Do You Need Football Gloves?

Enhanced performance

If you wear football gloves, you will be able to catch or run with the ball better.


Football is known for being a very rough sport. Everyone on the field needs their hands to do their job (well, maybe not the kicker, but you get the idea), so it’s important to keep them safe from injury and the weather.

You can’t say enough about how important it is to keep your hands safe from the dangers of your job.


Putting on gloves before going out on the field might make you feel more ready. We don’t care if you think they give you an edge in the game or if you just want to look the part.

What Should You Look Out for When Getting Gloves?


Gloves for football need to fit the hand tightly. If the gloves are too big, it will be hard to stay in charge while doing the job at hand.

If the gloves don’t fit right, your blood flow could be cut off and your reflexes could slow down. So, it’s important to know how big your hands are.

Since football gloves tend to run small, it’s best to get one size bigger. It’s never a bad idea to try on gloves before you buy them.


If you wear gloves for a long time, they can make your hands hot and sweaty. To stop this from happening, wear gloves with holes or mesh between the fingers and across the back. This will let air flow and cool your hands.


In football, finger tips can get hurt in a lot of different ways, so it’s important to wear a glove with flexible padding in the backhand and fingers. You can use these pads to protect your fingers from hard blows.


For football gloves to last through several weeks of practice and games, they need to be made of good materials. The materials must be able to meet the needs of the user in both hot and cold climates by providing enough insulation and air flow, respectively.


No matter which glove you choose, if it doesn’t feel good enough, you should change it. Your skin should fit well in the glove and not be so thick that you can’t feel the ball.

It should fit you like a glove and let you move your fingers as freely as possible. Since blocking is the most important part of being a lineman, your hands shouldn’t be able to handle gloves that are too heavy.


Gloves shouldn’t be hard to take care of or fix. It’s important that football gloves can be washed and dried quickly and easily in a washing machine.

How much do you think a pair of football gloves costs?

Costs for sports gear can add up quickly, especially if you’re looking for high-quality items that will last a long time.

Even football mitts are included in this group. The price varies depending on the brand and how good it is. This is how the price list is broken down to help you set reasonable financial goals:


Between $60 and $100 would be the price range for football gloves. Even though these prices are high, you can be sure to get a glove made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

Top 7 Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed 


Most football gloves are in this group, and they cost between $35 and $60. They are high-quality items that will last through a whole season of games.


Prices for football gloves in this section range from $15 to $35, which is a good range to look at, but that doesn’t mean they are all of high quality. We recommend shopping in this range if you’re buying gloves for a child who may soon outgrow them.

People Also Asked


Just putting on gloves makes it harder for them to hold on to things. Your gloves will lose their stick if you hold a football over and over, if you leave them out in the weather, or if you try to “get the grip back” by soaking them and rubbing them together.

Remember that it’s just part of the process, and it’s a good idea to always have a second or third pair ready.


A player can put a substance called “Grip Boost” on his gloves to make them stickier or to give gloves that have almost lost their grip some grip again. Grip Boost is now allowed at every level of football, even though it might seem unfair.


Even if gloves look like they could last for a few seasons, you should replace them at least once a year.

A lineman should only need one pair of gloves for the whole season, but a receiver or running back may want to buy two or three pairs to make sure they have the best grip possible all season.

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