7 Best Exercise Bike With Moving Arms (In-Depth Reviews)

Most cardiovascular machines do not work the arms like they do the upper body. So, in addition to cardio, classical strength training is recommended for keeping a healthy body.

But what if you don’t have the time to spend on strength training, or if you can’t do it because your body won’t let you? Then maybe the best choice for you is an exercise bike with arms that can be moved.

Today, I’ll talk about how to choose an exercise bike with moving arms that you can change. You’ll look at seven different models, and I’ll also tell you how to choose the best one for your needs.

The Top 7 Best Exercise Bikes With Moving Arms

Assault AirBike – Best Fan Exercise Bike

The Assault AirBike is my top pick for the best fan workout bike. It strikes a great balance between being cheap, having useful features, and being of high quality.

I really like that the seat on the AirBike can be changed in height, depth, and angle. The AirBike should now be easy for everyone to get on. Because the seats can be moved, this exercise bike is great because it can be used by many people.

Best Exercise Bike With Moving Arms

The AirBike is also great because it can do so many useful things. You can choose from a number of predefined programs (like intervals, Tabata, and more), customize your training, and track your progress all from one simple control panel.

But it would be nice if the AirBike’s display was lit up, since it might be hard to read in low light.

The AirBike is well-made, so even if you use it a lot, it will last for a long time.

The Assault AirBike is a great choice if you want to get the most for your money. Even though it costs a lot, you can expect to get back exactly 100% of your money.


  • Offers a great balance of quality, functionality, and cost.
  • The seat adjusts in height, depth, and tilt independently.
  • Has wheels in the front for easy transportation.
  • Plenty of preset workout programs.


  • It would have been nice if the display was backlit.

Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne – Best Fan Exercise Bike For Demanding Buyers

If you can afford it, you should think about getting the Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne. If you have a lot of hopes for a workout bike, this is the one for you. The future business uses of AD Pro Airdyne were the main focus of the company’s development.

This Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne bike is not only high-quality, but also very convenient and adaptable. This exercise bike has a seat that can be changed in height and depth. It also has four levelers at the base to keep it stable on uneven surfaces.

The 26-bladed fan is also important because it creates a lot of resistance and should help you get better faster than beginner exercise bikes.

Also, the control panel on the AD Pro Airdyne is very useful because it has a big screen and a tachometer to keep track of your speed and effort. The console lets you quickly access HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programs and can handle both metric and imperial measurements.

Last thought: if you have the money and want something durable and useful, the Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne might be a good choice.

I also think you should check out the less expensive Airdyne line of bikes. They don’t have as many features as the AD Pro, but they are much cheaper.


  • The seat is adjustable in both height and depth.
  • Large and convenient console.
  • Offers several built-in HIIT programs.
  • Has levelers at the base for uneven floors.
  • Wheels in the front for easy transportation.
  • Excellent build quality


  • On the pricier end

Marcy AIR-1 – Best Value For Money In An Exercise Bike With Moving Arms

The Marcy AIR-1 is the least expensive of the fan bikes on this list. If you don’t want to spend too much money but also don’t want a cheap bike, AIR-1 might be the best choice.

Best Exercise Bike With Moving Arms

The AIR-1 is not as good as the AD Pro Airdyne in a number of ways. The seat depth cannot be changed, and there are a number of other problems. But while the top two choices didn’t have straps for the pedals, AIR-1 was the best.

The powder-coated steel frame makes it even stronger and less likely to get rusty or scratched.

The levers on the back of each foot and the fact that the seat height can be changed are two of AIR-1’s best features for the price.

The bike’s interface is very simple and doesn’t have any programming, but it does show the time, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burned.

Lastly, Marcy AIR-1 finds a good balance between price and features. AIR-1’s lack of cutting-edge features is clear when compared to more expensive options, but it’s impossible to beat its price.


  • Great value for the money.
  • Has transport wheels in the front.
  • Adjustable levelers in the rear foot.
  • Has pedal straps for added safety.


  • Makes a slight grinding noise when exercising. Workout with music.

Teeter FreeStep LT1 – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

This list is mostly about recumbent exercise bikes, the best of which is the Teeter FreeStep LT1. This exercise bike isn’t cheap, but it’s good quality, has a lot of useful features, and is easy to use.

One of the most interesting things about LT1 is its seat, which can be moved up and down and back and forth. I wish there were depth controls like in AD Pro Airdyne, but I think most people will be happy with the features that are already in LT1.

The length of the handlebars can also be changed, which is a good feature that is hard to find on exercise bikes.

LT1 has a magnetic resistance system as well (read on for more information about this in the product manual). This system is very quiet and lasts a long time because it doesn’t use moving parts to provide resistance.

But LT1 isn’t very useful for the price, since it doesn’t come with any advanced workout routines. No matter what, I don’t think this is a big deal, so I won’t count it against the pro.

But the control panel isn’t right next to the rider, which can be annoying. Even though the screens are big and easy to read, some users have said that it’s hard to press the buttons.

Also, the resistance knob has no markings, which makes it impossible to fine tune.

But I don’t think these problems are deal-breakers, so I still consider the LT1 to be the best recumbent exercise bike. It is built and designed better than anything else on the market, and it comes with everything you need for effective heart training in a comfortable package.


  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • The seat height and recline may be adjusted.
  • Offers more relaxed cardio than standard exercise bikes.
  • Great durability and quality.
  • Has wheels for easy transportation.


  • The resistance adjustment knob has no markings on it, making precise adjustments difficult.
  • The console is situated far from the rider.

Stamina Elite Total Body – Best Low-Profile Recumbent Bike

The Stamina Elite Total Body recumbent exercise bike takes up less space than other recumbent exercise bikes, like the Teeter LT1. The Elite exercise bike has a small footprint and a unique way to hold on to it.

Because the grips on the Elite exercise bike are separate from the pedals, you can use it to work your upper body. The handlebars on traditional recumbent bikes move with the pedals.

Best Exercise Bike With Moving Arms

During the workout, you can use the handles as well as the pedals, but your arms won’t get much of a workout because the handles don’t offer much resistance when you’re cycling.

The fact that the seat can be changed in both height and depth adds a lot to the overall comfort. If you don’t want to use a chest strap or another type of heart monitor, the pulse sensors on the lower handlebars will come in handy. Elite comes with straps that can be used with the pedals.

The same way that magnetism was used to make Teeter LT1 work is used in Teeter LT2. The Elite’s adjustment knob is marked, while the LT1’s is not. This makes it possible to set the resistance exactly.

Overall, Stamina Elite is designed in a unique way that lets you work out your whole body. Also, as I said, it doesn’t fold up very much for a recumbent bike.


  • Lets you work your upper body.
  • The seat adjusts both in depth and height.
  • Pedals with straps.
  • Integrated heart rate sensors.
  • Built-in casters.


  • There is no resistance in the handles when you use the pedals.

Stamina Recumbent Bike + Arm Exerciser – Best Bike For Low Budgets

If you like the idea behind the Stamina Elite, but don’t want to pay as much for it, this recumbent bike is a good alternative. It costs a small fraction of what an Elite bike does, but has all the same benefits. And in a few key ways, it’s even better than Elite.

Like the Elite recumbent bike, you can use it to work your upper body. You can change the resistance for each arm and leg individually, though. Only the Elite’s total resistance can be changed.

Third, you can’t change the depth of the seat, but you can tilt the arm exerciser.

This recumbent bike is great for small spaces because its frame can fold up. It has wheels built right in, which makes it easy to move around.

But the way it is put together isn’t very strong. Given the price they want for Stamina, this is to be expected.

Lastly, if you want a recumbent exercise bike but have a small budget, this Stamina model might be perfect for you.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Adjustable arm exerciser angle.
  • Foldable and space-efficient.
  • Integrated wheels.
  • The resistance for the lower and upper body is adjusted independently.


  • Definitely not for heavy use.

Sunny SF-RB4631 – Best Recumbent Bike For Upper Body Workouts

Last but not least, there’s the Sunny SF-RB4631, which is a great choice for people who want to strengthen their upper body muscles. This bike is a great choice for many people because it fits their needs and their budget.

Unlike the cheap Stamina cycle I just reviewed, the magnetic resistance on the Sunny exercise bike can be changed so that different muscle groups can be worked out. This recumbent bike also has grips that can be changed to change the range of motion.

The height and depth of this chair can both be changed. Some people may not like that they can’t change the height, but it’s not a big deal.

The levelers on the back legs of the Sunny recumbent bike let you ride comfortably on any surface, even floors that aren’t all the same height. The front has wheels to make it easy to move.

The Sunny cycle has standard features, like a digital dashboard that shows basic information like calories burned and distance traveled, and heart rate sensors built into the lower handlebars.

In conclusion, the Sunny recumbent cycle is better than the less expensive Stamina exercise bike if you want to focus on upper body strength and cardio. It’s more desirable because of how well it works, how easy it is to adjust, and how cheap it is.


  • Adjustable handles & seat depth.
  • Independent resistance adjustment for arms and legs.
  • Built-in heart rate sensors in the lower handlebars.
  • Wheels for easy transportation.
  • Levelers in the rear leg.


  • The seat doesn’t have much height adjustment.

The Ultimate Buying Guide

In this guide I’m writing, I’ll give you buying tips and ideas. This article should help you understand my reviews better by pointing out some of the most important things to look for in exercise bikes with moving arms.

Exercise Bike Type

First, let’s take a quick look at the model of the stationary bike. Most exercise bikes with moving arms can be put into one of two groups:

  • Bikes that can be stood up.
  • “recumbent bikes”

I forgot to say that indoor cycles are another kind of exercise bike. I won’t talk about stationary indoor bikes with adjustable arms because I don’t think you’ll be able to find one.

All of these have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them more closely to find out more about them.

Upright bikes

Most people who want to work their arms use an upright bike. The way you sit on an upright bike is similar to how you sit on a traditional road bike.

Choose the cheaper upright bike if money is tight. As an added bonus, upright bikes usually take up less space than other types.

Most people can get the most out of their exercise by riding a bike that stands up straight. Read on to find out more about the alternative bike style. You never know, you might like it better.

If I could only have one upright bike, I would choose the Assault AirBike. I wrote in the article that this is a great piece of machinery.

Recumbent bikes

On a recumbent bike, the pedals are in front of the seat. Also, recumbent bikes don’t have saddles. Instead, they have seats that are easier to sit on.

A recumbent exercise bike is a great choice if you have an injury or just don’t feel comfortable riding in an upright position. Recumbent bikes take up more space and cost more than regular bikes.

Some recumbent bicycles include adjustable arm rests, however this is not the norm.

The Teeter FreeStep LT1 recumbent bike is without a doubt the best option out there. It is laid back instead of standing up, and it has the same great balance of price, features, and durability as the Assault AirBike.

Resistance System

Resistance systems on exercise bikes offer an additional challenge to the exercise routine. It is important to understand the differences between the different types of resistance systems that are used on modern exercise bikes to make cardio exercises harder.

When you touch something, it stops being insulated. Direct-contact systems make resistance by making the bike’s flywheel and brake pads touch each other. When you turn the pedals, the resistance comes from the way the pads touch the flywheel.

The main problem with direct-contact resistance is that the rubber pads need to be replaced often. In the same way, this system makes a lot of noise in the background.

The way a magnetic field bends. In magnetic resistance devices, a magnetic pull on the flywheel slows it down. Because the magnets are far from the flywheel, this setup is very quiet and keeps the flywheel from wearing out faster than it needs to.

A group of fans rising up. In these kinds of setups, resistance is made with the help of a fan. One of the features that comes with it is a fan that turns when you pedal. The resistance of the air makes it harder to get faster the faster you pedal.

But some very cheap bikes may not use magnets but instead use a rubber pad technology. On some stationary bikes, a fan is also used to add more resistance for the rider.

Resistance Adjustment

After that, you need to tune your resistance. In this regard, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • How is the resistance adjusted? In cheaper exercise bikes, you need to turn a knob on the frame of the bike to adjust the resistance. Typically, these are bikes with friction-based resistance. In higher-end bikes, the resistance is adjusted from the console.
  • The number of resistance settings. The more settings a bike offers, the more flexibility you will have in resistance adjustment.

Look for an exercise bike that has many resistance settings and a central control unit that lets you change how hard your workout is.

To be clear, these two things only apply to systems that use magnetic resistance and direct contact resistance. The level of resistance on a fan bike changes automatically based on how fast you pedal.

Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne has the most settings for resistance of any exercise bike on the market. The 26 blades of the fan create a lot of resistance on their own, and as your fitness improves, so will the difficulty of the pedals.

Best Exercise Bike With Moving Arms


Also, exercise bikes should be very comfortable to use. If you use an uncomfortable exercise bike, the long-term benefits are likely to be less. If you don’t have the right size bike, you won’t have much fun either.

Keep the following in mind when you think about your comfort:

  • Seat & handlebar adjustment. The most advanced exercise bikes allow you to independently adjust the seat in height and depth. Some bikes also let you adjust the handlebars. These bikes are ideal if more than one person will be using the bike.
  • Step-through frame. These bikes are easier to get onto because you won’t have to lift your leg high off the ground to get on. A step-through frame is an essential feature for users with limited mobility.
  • Pedal straps. Pedal straps allow you to more securely position your feet on the pedals. Aside from security, straps allow you to work out more comfortably since you can focus on the cardio more.
  • Large console. Lower-end exercise bikes typically have small consoles that aren’t very convenient. In contrast, expensive machines feature large consoles with built-in displays.
  • Water bottle holder. This is also a must-have, in my opinion. Hardly anybody abstains from water during cardio. Fortunately, virtually all exercise bikes do have water bottle holders.
  • Levelers. Levelers are situated at the base of the bike and let you compensate for any uneven spots on the floor. This is a great feature for those whose floors aren’t level.

It’s hard to tell how comfortable an exercise bike is when you buy it online. To see how well the bike works, you could hop on it and take a short ride to a nearby shop. Online, you can’t do anything like that.

Before making any online purchases, I would suggest adjusting the seat and handlebars. Almost every exercise bike on the market lets you change the seat height, which may be enough for some users.

The Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne exercise bike is the best choice when it comes to ease of use. It has everything you could want in an exercise bike and more, like a comfortable and adjustable seat, a big console, and places to put your water bottle and phone.

Another choice is the Teeter FreeStep LT1. Because it is a recumbent exercise bike, this machine is great for people who are healing from an injury and need a less intense cardio workout.

Controls & Programs

Controls and programs are just as important when it comes to exercise bikes or any other type of cardio equipment. As you look for the best stationary bike with adjustable handles, keep these things in mind:

Time, distance, and how fast you’re going.

  • Speed, distance traveled, and riding time. These are key metrics for tracking your progress and training time. All exercise bikes display these on their consoles.
  • Counter of burned calories. These are imprecise, but they give you a general idea of how much energy you burned in a session.
  • Built-in programs & programmability. Most exercise bikes have built-in programs with preset resistance levels and goals. Higher-end bikes may also allow you to create custom programs for cardio.
  • Heart rate monitor. Nearly all exercise bikes have heart rate sensors integrated into the handlebars. These sensors are way less accurate than chest strap monitors, but they are decent if you have no other way to measure heart rate.

Because each model of exercise bike is different, I can’t list all of the options and settings that can be made. Look at the bike’s features and description to find the one that meets your needs and fits your budget the best.

Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne has the most settings and functions that can be changed than any other bike I’ve looked into. It is especially good at high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It comes with two HIIT programs, and you can also make your own.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight of the user is also an important measurement. Putting the bike’s durability at risk by going over its weight limit is not worth it.

Your bike’s weight capacity should be at least equal to your own, and ideally 10%-20% more. Choose an exercise bike based on the combined weight of the people who will be riding it plus 10–20% extra.

Machines like the Assault AirBike and the Sunny SF-RB4631 have been on the list before since they can hold up to 350 pounds. Both of them should be more than adequate for you unless you’re really worried about carrying loads.

Portability & Space-Efficiency

Finally, think about how easily transportable and compact it is.

A portable exercise bike may be moved about with ease because of its small weight and wheels.

To save room, consider purchasing a folding bike if you don’t have a garage or basement.

Because of its small footprint and collapsible design, the Stamina Recumbent Bike + Arm Exerciser is a great option for those who don’t want anything really sturdy but still value space economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most common inquiries people have about exercise bikes, weight reduction, and proper usage. These details will help you to have reasonable expectations about exercise bikes.

Is It OK To Use An Exercise Bike Every Day?

The usage of an exercise bike on a daily basis is completely secure. However, don’t forget to add in some variety to your workouts. Cardio exercises on exercise bikes tend to focus on the lower body, so it’s important to include upper-body strength training as well.

Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Arms?

On the exercise bike, you’ll be working out your complete body, albeit your legs will take the brunt of the pressure. Sure, you could tone your arms by doing cardio on an exercise bike, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as strength training.

Can You Lose Belly Fat By Riding A Stationary Bike?

To reduce abdominal fat, you might use stationary bikes with moving arms. In fact, cardio exercise bikes are gentler on the joints than other options like outdoor or treadmill running. An exercise bike is great if your joints aren’t 100% healthy.

Maintaining a fat-burning heart rate is essential for shedding unwanted pounds. Healthline states that the optimal heart rate for fat burning is at around 70% of maximal heart rate. Max heart rate may be calculated by deducting 220 from one’s age.

If you are 30 years old, your maximum heart rate is 190 beats per minute. About 133 BPM corresponds to 70% of this value (190 x 0.7). (190 x 0.7). If you have never done cardio before or haven’t in a while, ease into it. Initially, a heart rate of 50% of your maximum is sufficient.

Does Biking Help Lose Arm Fat?

Effective exercise does lead to reduced arm fat. While bicycling can help you lose weight overall, it doesn’t target any particular problem areas.

Spot fat reduction may not be as effective as claimed. As a result, localized fat loss requires systemic changes.

Is 30 Minutes On The Exercise Bike Good?

Most people need at least 150 minutes of weekly moderate-intensity aerobic activity to lose weight. As an alternative, you can do 75 or more minutes of vigorous cardio per week.

Train for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, and you’ll have accomplished as much as you need to for the week as long as those sessions add up to either 75 or 150 total minutes. However, rather than focusing on the duration of a single session, it is more important to ensure that you are getting enough cardio on a weekly basis.

How To Make The Right Selection & Final Words

That wraps up my recommendations for a good exercise bike.

Your budget and the bike’s comfort are the two most important factors to consider when looking for an exercise bike. You should be able to afford a bike that is suitable for your height and provides a good workout without breaking the bank.

Size matters when choosing an exercise bike, especially if storage space is limited.

And now, your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve used one of the reviewed exercise bikes and have any thoughts or advice to offer other readers.

Feel free to correct me or ask additional questions in the comments section; I value your input and will use it to improve future posts.

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