Best Ball vs Scramble: 3 Differences Explained

Want to have some fun this week on the course?

Why not book a foursome and play scramble or best ball with your friends?

Scramble or best ball can be substituted for the traditional Stableford or stroke play game types.

You’ll also find that these rules are used in a lot of competitions and social events, so it’s best to know them before you start playing.

But what is the difference between best ball and scramble?

Best Ball – Golf’s Most Friendly Competition Format

Well, they are both team games that can give your round a bit of friendly competition.

For best ball, people play in groups of either 4 or 2, and each person tees off and plays each hole while keeping track of their score as they go.

At the end of each hole, players will compare their scores with those of their teammates. The player with the better score on that hole will write their score on the team’s scorecard, while the score of the player with the higher score will be ignored.

Difference Between Best Ball And Scramble

This is how the round will go on, with each player playing their own game while also helping their team get the lowest score possible.

Playing match play rules instead of standard stroke play scoring can make the game a bit more challenging. In matchplay game types, players work in teams to score points against the other team.

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When a team member shoots a lower score on a hole than the other team, you get a point. If both teams shoot the same score on a hole, you split the hole and give each team a half point.

Scramble – A Competitive Yet Fun Golf Gam

Scramble is a bit different from best ball in that teams play from the best shot on the course. It is also called “Texas scramble” or “captain’s choice.”

Players will be put into groups of two or four. When there are four balls, teams of two can play against each other to make the game a little more competitive.

Then, each player will tee off, and each team will choose the best shot to play from. The player who hits the worst shot will pick up his ball and move it to within one club length of the best shot.

The rest of the round will be played this way, with either matchplay or standard stroke play scoring. But there are a few rules. The first is that players can only play from the same patch of grass that the original shot landed on.

Difference Between Best Ball And Scramble

For instance, you can’t play from the fairway if your chosen ball landed one club length away in the first cut.

You can also change the rules of the scramble to make it more interesting, like making it so that each player must add at least 4 drives to the team’s total score.

This will force players to use strategy to play to their strengths. For example, if one player can hit the ball farther than the other but the other is more accurate, the more accurate player might play more cautiously on the longer holes to keep the team in play while the big hitter goes for the glory shot.

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Playing Vegas scramble is another way to spice things up. Before the round starts, a number between 1 and 4 will be given to each player.

After each player has hit the ball on each hole, the group will roll a six-sided die to decide whose ball each player will have to play from. If you roll a 5 or 6, the usual scramble rules apply, and players will choose the best ball to play from.

Which Is Better?

Both are fun games that will make your round more competitive and fun. Plus, both games let people who aren’t as good at golf play with those who are, which helps them get better.

Difference Between Best Ball And Scramble

Scramble may be more enjoyable than best ball because it allows you to try out more golf shots.Your partner might hit a pretty good shot to the edge of the green, but you might want to try something new and drive the ball pin high to see what happens.

Scramble can also be pretty funny to watch if one or all of you hit your balls in the rough.

Even though your best ball will tell you something about how you played, You can play your own game and help the team score at the same time. Also, you’ll be working with your teammate and trying out different shots on the course to get the lowest score.

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For example, if your partner is doing well, you can use their game as insurance so you can go for the hole and score lower rounds.


In the Ryder Cup, players work in teams of two to play one ball and take turns hitting it on the course. This is a great way to play with a partner because you can both figure out the best way to play based on how you both like to play.

When playing scramble, if both players hit a shot out of bounds, they both have to take another shot, and it will count as a penalty on their score.

Difference Between Best Ball And Scramble

Scramble is the best game for four people to play together. All four players can tee off and add their scramble shots together to make a score. The final score for these four balls will then be compared to the other scores in the competition.

That Extra Bit Of Fun

Golf can get too serious at times. It’s a frustrating game, so it’s nice to take a break every now and then and have some fun and friendly competition on the course.

Scramble and best ball are fun ways to spend time with your friends, and they can also be great ways to play in tournaments and on society days. They will also let you play with better players and learn from more experienced golfers as you hack around the course.

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