Athleta vs. Lululemon – Brand Comparison – Which One Is Better?

Have you ever done a deep lizard pose while stretching in the morning? Open your hips and bend your elbows, and before you can even finish exhaling, rip! right through the walker.

I know, and I dislike it too. Yoga is no joke. You spend so much time trying to bend like a pretzel, and then the smallest thing, especially one in the you-know-where, throws you off.

I’ve taught classes for a long time and have come to the conclusion that fitness brands just don’t get it. They either fit perfectly for just one size (petite) or are too thin to fit everyone.

Athleta and Lululemon, on the other hand, seem to know how to do it. By far, these are the two best brands on the market right now.

What makes them so different? It depends on a number of things, such as the fabric, the quality, and the overall design.

Don’t be fooled, though. Even though the two brands are going in the same direction, they are very different once you leave the store. This is why.

How It All Started

In the fitness industry, Athleta got its start in the late 1980s as a place for women to shine. The old style was to “shrink it and pink it,” which was something that many clothing companies, including Nike, used to do. Yes, it did work just like the phrase says. What did they do wrong?

Imagine if you were on the curvier side and had to run a race in boxy, low-cut shorts. Or, what’s even worse, being forced to wear shades of pink just to be called “feminine.”

I have to say that the feminist movement made a lot of progress at a time when women were still not seen as important, but it wasn’t perfect.

Athleta vs. Lululemon

So Athleta came along. It was one of the first real women’s sportswear brands on the market, and it was run by women who had to wear clothes that didn’t fit them.

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A group of yogis, cyclists, weight lifters, and just about every other type of sportswoman you can think of got together to start a new business.

Over the years, the company worked hard to make sure that no woman had to wear clothes that were too big or too small.

Athleta had everything from sports bras to the best leggings, tees, and even jeans. It makes sense that their motto is “The Power of She.”

But when things got rough in the early 2000s, the company changed. The Athleta lines are stronger and more popular than ever now that Gap Inc. owns them.

During the 2016 election between Trump and Hillary, their social campaign for women was a big hit, which caused their sales to go up by more than three times.

Even the people who work there wear athletic clothes when they walk around the stores. Talk about how to market your business.

Part of the buzz about Lululemon is because its founder, Chip Wilson, is a bit strange. Since 1998, Wilson and his team have spent years putting together clothing lines for the best athleteslson and his team have spent years putting together clothing lines for the best athletes.

Athleta vs. Lululemon

I know you’re still asking, “Where did the name Lululemon come from?” People on the internet say that Chip’s plan came from his belief that Japanese people have trouble pronouncing the letter L. He thought that the craze would keep everyone talking about the brand, and he was right.

Lululemon was first started in Vancouver, and the company says it is more than just a big clothing store.

For many people, it’s also a safe place where fitness fans can find support and make new friends. It’s rare to find a company that genuinely wants to help its customers, both men and women, grow.

Wilson’s free spirit and odd sense of humour, among other things, have helped him build a worldwide brand that is best known for its focus on yoga-style or hippie-themed clothes.

It’s interesting that he tested his first products on yoga teachers and students to get the best idea of what Lululemon leggings should look like.

What Do They Offer

Both brands support sports, but they are the best in different ways.

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Most of what Athleta buys is sportswear for women, but they also have styles and sizes for children. Any time you go to one of its stores, you’ll be happy to find a wide range of basic exercise clothes and accessories.

Athleta vs. Lululemon

But listen up: Athleta also has a line of street clothes for when you want to dress a little less aggressively. It’s true.

Like I said before, Lululemon has fewer options for women than it does for men. Most of the designs are made for people who like yoga and go to the gym occasionally. But don’t be surprised if the men’s section has a wider range of activewear and casual clothes.

A not-so-shocking fact is that both companies hire other companies to do their manufacturing work. In mass production, North American rates always seem to be higher than those in Asia.

Athleta Vs. Lululemon Sizing

One thing I love about Athleta is that its lines are made for people of all shapes and sizes. Petite? They have you.

A little bit bigger than average? No problem. And there’s no way they’d only look at the two extremes and not take into account the more common measurements.

On the other hand, Lululemon only sells to athletes whose sizes fall between 0 and 14, which is their equivalent of XXL. But because of who they are meant for, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a top performer outside of that range.

Most of the time, the leggings from Athleta fit tighter than those from their main competitor. Most of the time, the size of activewear depends on the material and style.

Bamboo and cotton blends are great choices for yoga pants that will last a long time, absorb sweat, and let air in.

But the Luon fabric that Lululemon is known for can make your workout even more comfortable. Even though they’re made for yoga, these are great for getting up and moving.

Better On Budget

“Why does Lululemon cost so much?” That’s what most people agree on, but that’s only because of the research and materials that go into making elite-level exercise clothes. Every Lululemon store has fitness clothes that can be checked out in their Canadian Whitespace Laboratory.

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Still, you’re more likely to find an Athleta sale close to you. Even though Athleta’s prices aren’t exactly cheap, I wouldn’t say they’re too high.


Because of the internet, both Lululemon and Athleta are known all over the world. Even though these businesses do well, they aren’t as common as you might think.

Athleta only has stores in the United States, and even their online stores don’t let people buy from other countries. Gap Inc. has been going through the motions with their mall-based profits as of late.

Athleta vs. Lululemon

When it comes to how much money they are willing to put into Athleta, the company seems to be taking precautions. The sports brand might be one of its only remaining ways to make money.

Lululemon stores, on the other hand, have locations all over the continent, in both the U.S. and Canada.

Who do you think is at the top of the charts now?

Which Is Better – Athleta Vs. Lululemon

It’s hard to say which is better. Look again at the pros and cons of each brand of sportswear.



  • Feminist activism at its best
  • Sizes for all variations – curves or no curves
  • Excellent quality
  • Creative range of styles and colors to choose from
  • Blog-worthy sales and discounts
  • Online store presence


  • Lack of global expansion
  • Relatively costly



  • Focuses on holistic athletic development
  • Puts its money where its product quality is
  • Better coverage within the North American market
  • Guaranteed comfort and durability


  • Specific target customers
  • Limited options in the size chart
  • Expensive

Athleta vs. Lululemon

Final Choice

Athleta is a lot like Lululemon in many ways, but I prefer Lululemon because of how committed they are to making good clothes. But it’s up to you to decide. Both brands are about the same price.

Price comes after quality, and sometimes community is also important. Your interest is the most important thing to think about.

Don’t forget that not everyone can afford or fit into high-end clothes. But no guy is going to wear clothes that only women can wear.

Have you yet worked up a good sweat in either brand? Tell us about what you’ve done in the comments.

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