Top 10 Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

In the 1940s, American servicemen were afraid of getting hurt, so they came up with the idea of playing football with a flag instead of a ball.

Since then, it has grown to the point where it is now played professionally and could possibly be in the Olympics in a few years.

Modern flag football is every bit as strategic as modern American football. It’s fast-paced and intense, so to beat your opponents, you’ll need to be able to read the game and have a well-thought-out plan.

Here are the top 10 offensive and defensive plays for 7-on-7 flag football, which will help your team score more touchdowns and beat the other teams.

First, let’s look at what you should be trying to do with your moves.

Your Objectives

On the offensive, your first goal is to make space.

When there are 14 players on a relatively small field, things can get crowded very quickly, so it’s important for running backs to find open spaces as soon as possible.

If you put more space between your opponent and the flags on your belt, it will be harder for them to tackle you.

On defense, you need to spread out your players while still clogging up key areas of the field to stop the other team from making ground.

Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

Each team has three chances to move to the middle of the field and three more to score in flag football. As a defender, it should be your top priority to use strategies that make the field crowded and stop the other team from getting ahead of you early in the game.

If you can do both of these things well, you’ll score a lot of touchdowns and keep the other team from getting close to your own line.

10 Best Attack Football Plays For 7 On 7 Flag Football

#1 Out And Go

You can use this play to make holes in your defense and make room in the middle of the field.

This is a great way to quickly make up ground when you’re starting a new play or are far back on the field. The key to this strategy is to get your running backs (A and C in the figure) moving to draw the defense away from the middle of the field.

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On this play, the quarterback (QB) will drop back into a more conservative formation and have access to at least three receivers downfield if his defensive players create space.

A or B will often run a shallower line to help the quarterback get more yards. In the middle of the field, RB #2 (Player C) and RB #2 (Player B) will run central lines to set up a deep pass.

Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

#2 B Formation D Run Righ

If your quarterback can’t find a receiver who is open, you might want to try this fake play. As a rushing option, player D will start his run deep to the quarterback’s left, then move to strip the ball from the quarterback before cutting across the field toward the sideline.

As the other team tries to catch up to D’s swooping run, chaos could break out in the middle of the field. Player A, for example, might run a cut-back route on the other side of the field, making it easier for the quarterback to pick him off.

With the help of C, who draws the attention of the other team away from the ball, player B can move toward the middle of the field and catch a pass.

#3 Counter Run Right

This switch move puts a lot of stress on the left side of the field. To throw off the other team’s defense, players A, D, or C must move to the left touchline, bringing most of the defense with them.

The quarterback will fake a handoff to the left and then throw to receiver D, who should be wide open on the other side.

Washington’s football team made the play popular by having a strong running back fake a run to the left and then cut back to the right when there was enough space.

Player D should also act like he or she is going to run to the left, but then quickly cut to the right to intercept the quarterback’s slant pass toward the right sideline.

Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

#4 Play Action Run Option

The quarterback may fake to three runners coming from the left side of the field and then take the ball upfield on the right. The name of this play is “the fakie.” Since most of the defense is on the quarterback’s left, he should be able to pick up some easy yards.

Two wide receivers will be lined up on the left side of the field to look like possible targets for a play-action pass. In this formation, the quarterback could track to the right while a running back rolls to the left to act as a dummy.

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When under pressure, a quarterback can choose between player B on his left and receiver A in the middle of the field.

#5 I Slant

The slant play was the deciding factor in the Patriots’ 2015 Super Bowl victory. They’re very helpful when you’re close to the end zone, and especially in flag football, they can be very bad if the defense can’t touch you.

This play is mostly a pass, but it could be changed to dump to D so that he can make a left-side loop around the line of scrimmage. On this play, quarterbacks should try to find their wide receivers by using their speed.

While C runs through the middle, B runs straight for the end zone, slanting to the left to make room for the quarterback to throw a pass. If any of routes B or C work, you’ll probably score a touchdown on this play.

#6 Slants & Go

This is a great pass to use when you want to confuse your opponent’s defense, but you have to practice it to get good at it.

The offensive plan calls for players B and D to line up to the quarterback’s right, while player A takes a wide stance to his left. The play calls for B to make a short diagonal run toward the right sideline. Then, D is supposed to run over C’s line and into the middle of the field.

This is a hard move to learn because players B, C, and D have to plan their runs carefully so they don’t run into each other in the middle of the field. This is a great way to find out what your opponent’s plan is.

#7 X Counter Left

Again, the defense is asked to focus on a group of runners coming through the backfield, even though the misdirection is keeping them from doing so. The way your players are lined up in this formation is sure to confuse the defense of your opponent.

The play starts with player C driving up and to the left of the field and passing to wide receiver A, who is on the right side of the field between two players in the backfield. In the same way, player B runs diagonally to the left, which makes the right field passageway available.

The quarterback then has two backs to throw to. They’ll be the hardest part of the defense to figure out because they’ll be trying to keep an eye on your wideouts on the left while also watching players A and D as they run diagonal routes out of the backfield.

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Again, in this play, your team will need to work on timing their sprints so they don’t run into each other.

#8 Shotgun Motion Left Sweep

The shotgun sweep is our number eight offensive play in flag football. It starts with the running back making a sweeping motion.

Your wide receivers A and B will line up in a passing formation, but everyone will think you’re running a traditional shotgun play. The quarterback shoots for the ball from behind center, but he won’t get it.

Instead, player D or our running back will come around and get the ball as soon as the snap is made. By going to the right, A and B will make room for D to cut to the left and attack the wing. When my team attacks from the backfield, I like to call this sneaky running play to get some early yards.

Best 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

#9 Shotgun Receiver Swirl

The players will line up in a passing formation that is similar to the one above. You could use this to cover more ground on the sides of your defense.

Before the snap, the QB will again get into a deep position so he has time to throw a deep ball. On this play, both of his wide receivers are doing different things. Player B is running a hook route down the right sideline, and Player D is trying to make a big run down the left sideline.

In the middle of the field, the quarterback also has two options. Plays A and C both have diagonal runs through the middle of the field. In a tight defensive formation, this is a great way to make space and find openings.

#10 Stack Right Post Left

This is a good way to get into the end zone of the other team. When two receivers are lined up to the right, the running game is harder for the defense to handle.

Tell your wide receiver to line up to the right of your running back, and then tell both of them to start sprinting in a straight line. Tell your running back to try a slant run infield to give the quarterback a chance to make a play from deep in his own territory.

Player A will hit a run that is much shorter and goes infield from the other side of the field. Player C will run a short hook route to get a defender’s attention away from your right-side stack.

Again, this is one of the best plays for cutting through the defense in flag football.

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