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Cebu Queen City FC files protest to UFL versus Pachanga FC


Typhoons Pedring and Quiel have struck the UFL in more ways than one.

Not only did the rains cause cancellations of matches that resulted in only two matches being played this weekend, but also resulted in Cebu Queen City United FC filing a protest to the UFL requesting for the forfeiture of their match against their opponents, Pachanga FC, last Sunday. A forfeiture would be noted as a 3-0 win for Cebu Queen City under the guidelines.

In a written statement released by the club, after UFL Technical Director Richard Gannaban notified Cebu Queen City United FC of the postponement of their match against Pachanga FC, which was originally to take place at 1pm on October 9. Team management specifically requested that the match push through that day at another venue, due to the high logistical costs involved with the team being based in the Queen City of the South, the only one out of the 28 teams in the UFL Cup to not have Manila as their main base of operations.

As of this writing, SoccerCentral Philippines has not found any statement directly from Pachanga FC in response to, or relating to, this particular matter. However, in an article from Ricky Olivares via InterAkTV, Team Manager Jo Rodriguez is quoted as saying "We declined to play anymore because after the initial message, the team’s mindset and focus was already not on the game. And furthermore, we were not the only team not to play last Sunday.”

As for the UFL, in a tweet reply to the author, Football Alliance president Santi Araneta said that they will be releasing a statement after the Technical Committee meeting later today (October 13).

If the weather cooperates, Cebu Queen City United FC is scheduled to take on defending UFL Cup Champions Global FC at the Alabang Country Club at 3PM on Sunday, whilst at the same time, Pachanga will go up against Stallions FC, who will be without Coach Ernie Nierras (busy handling the Philippine Women's National Team a.k.a the Malditas in the AFF Women's Football Championship in Laos)  at the University of Makati. Thanks to their 3-2 win on Opening Day, Stallion FC is leading the way in Group C.